Confectionery maker Tyrolean Choco raised prices for the first time in 29 years in September.

The company has started a new initiative as it is important to increase the number of fixed fans of the product.

Confectionery maker "Tyrol Choco" produces about 600 million chocolates a year, and in September, the price of its main product chocolate was raised from 20 yen to 23 yen excluding tax.

In July this year, the company introduced a machine that can automatically wrap multiple types of chocolate, and has been working to reduce costs and improve productivity by reducing manual work.

However, the cost of raw materials such as cacao mass and edible oil from overseas, as well as wrapping paper and distribution costs increased, and the price was raised for the first time in 29 years.

The company is developing new flavors of chocolate that add value and sell for 30 to 40 yen.

At the product development meeting, we are gathering ideas about what kind of new flavors we can make with the ingredients we have in stock.

In the future, we decided to make prototypes that make use of the pistachio and apple flavors.

We are also thoroughly cost-conscious when selecting raw materials.

At the meeting to select the cacao mass to be used in the next new product, we continue to discuss ways to reduce costs, such as substituting the cacao mass from Madagascar, which has a luxurious feel but is expensive, with the cacao mass from Ecuador, which can be procured relatively cheaply.

The company believes it is important to increase the number of loyal fans who will continue to purchase even if the price is raised.

Therefore, from February this year, we started distribution using SNS, and employees in charge of marketing talk about the introduction of new products and development episodes to appeal the appeal of the product.

In addition, we are planning to hold the first event to gather fans in the middle of this month.

President Yuji Matsuo said, "I calculated night after night to decide how much price increase would be acceptable, but I was very scared of how much sales would decrease. However, the price increase is necessary to protect employees and the company. I think it was a good management decision. We want to continue to provide products that add value and that customers will appreciate for a long time."