Let's talk a little more with reporter Jung Jun-ho.

Q. What is the opinion of the government or experts on the 'Yellow Envelope Act'?

[Reporter Jung Jun-ho: Minister of Employment and Labor Lee Jeong-sik said that the Yellow Envelope Act is concerned about unconstitutionality and encouraging illegal strikes.

Excessive limiting of compensation for tortious acts may infringe corporate property rights.

Experts generally believe that in order for the law to be persuasive, it is necessary to supplement the restriction on damages.

However, as there are many cases of abuse of damages, there were many opinions that it is necessary to have a specific and strict criteria for determining the causal relationship and the subject of compensation like overseas.]

Q. How should the bill be discussed in the future?

[Reporter Jung Jun-ho: There is a National Assembly audit next month, so it is expected that the Yellow Envelope Act will be properly discussed until November.

The Democratic Party is highly likely to push it as it has been selected as one of the legislative tasks for the people's livelihood, but the ruling party strongly opposes it.

Controversies and battles are likely to intensify as the business community is arguing for the government to allow alternative work during a strike.]

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