The Paper reporter Zhou Ling

  Since 2022, the European energy crisis has intensified, and energy prices have continued to rise.

European consumers are snapping up small heating equipment made in China to prepare for winter, which has led to the popularity of electric blankets, heaters, heat pumps and other products in the European market.

  On September 28, Rainbow Group (003023) said in an investor survey that the company's electric blanket products are mainly sold in domestic markets. In recent years, it has begun to pay attention to foreign markets. At present, its export business is in the preliminary stage of preparation, and it has obtained some small sales. Orders, mainly electric blankets and related products.

  Rainbow Group said that the current round of energy crisis has triggered an increase in the demand for heating products in the European market. In view of the low energy consumption and convenient use of small heating equipment, it will be an important part of heating products at home and abroad in the future.

  Rainbow Group is in a leading position in the domestic electric blanket industry, with outstanding advantages in technology, supply chain and cost control.

Rainbow Group said that such advantages are of great benefit to developing foreign markets. Based on long-term development, the company insists on focusing on the domestic market and continues to develop overseas markets.

  On the evening of the 28th, Haier Zhijia (600690) disclosed at the semi-annual report performance briefing that the company's heat pump product revenue in 2021 will exceed 2 billion, mainly in the domestic market, and its domestic market share ranks at the forefront of the industry.

The application of heat pump products is the most effective way for energy transformation and energy conservation and carbon reduction. With the implementation of the national dual-carbon strategy and the intensification of the European energy crisis, the heat pump market is expected to maintain rapid development.

The company attaches great importance to the development of the heat pump industry. In the first half of the year, the industry grew by more than 50%, of which the overseas market grew rapidly.

In the future, the company will seize market development opportunities, actively develop related products, and rely on channel advantages and localization advantages to accelerate the development of the industry in the global market.

  On September 27, Haier Zhijia disclosed in response to an interview with the surging news reporter that domestically, Haier air source heat pump sales accounted for 14.4% and sales accounted for 22.2%, ranking firmly as the "double first" in the industry, winning for two consecutive years. The first share of the whole heat pump market.

Overseas, Haier's air source heat pump exports to Europe in the first half of the year ushered in high growth, with an increase of more than 200%, and the order volume increased by 10 times.

Among them, the largest market is France, with an increase of 36%; followed by Italy, with an increase of 64%; and then Germany with 26%.

  The heat pump products produced by Midea Group (000333) are also selling well in Europe recently.

According to industry online data, in the first seven months of 2022, Midea's heat pump export value increased by 215% year-on-year, and the export scale ranked first in China's heat pump industry.

  Midea Group said that in overseas markets, Midea Building Technology also actively responded to the EU's "2050 carbon neutrality" plan and stepped up efforts to promote the upgrade of heat pump products.

The company's heat pump products include heat pump water heaters, swimming pool heat pumps, commercial heat pumps and other products, providing customers with comprehensive solutions that are reliable, stable, low-carbon and energy-saving.

  On the evening of September 28th, Dayuan Pump Industry (603757) announced that the company's stock will increase by 20% from the daily closing price for three consecutive trading days on September 26, September 27, and September 28, 2022. It belongs to the abnormal fluctuation of stock trading.

  The announcement stated that from January to July 2022, the company completed the sales of about 101,000 household canned pumps in the heat pump system-related field, and its sales accounted for a relatively low proportion of the company's overall product sales; The fourth quarter is a traditional off-season, and it is expected that the demand for some products will be adjusted in the fourth quarter.

  Guosen Securities reported that my country's heat pumps are mainly exported to developed countries such as Italy, France and Australia, with Italy accounting for the highest proportion.

Among the export destinations of my country's heat pumps in August, Italy ranked first with a sales share of 20.1%, followed by Australia, accounting for 7.2%, followed by France, Germany, the Netherlands, and Spain.

In August this year, Midea and Finney were the top exporters of heat pumps. Midea's export value increased by 173%, and the cumulative increase from January to August was 208%, continuing to maintain a doubling growth trend.

With the explosive growth of domestic heat pump demand, Midea heat pump has achieved rapid growth.

And some brands with a low market share before have increased their share, mainly because the companies that were mainly engaged in domestic heating and heat pumps before began to deploy export markets after the explosive growth of overseas heating and heat pumps.

  Guosen Securities believes that with the change in the structure of heat pump exports, the share of brands that mainly export heat pumps for swimming pools has declined to a certain extent, while the share of brands that mainly focus on household heat pumps has increased rapidly.

  According to a report released by Essence Securities recently, the air source heat pump is a high-efficiency heating device with the advantages of energy saving, electricity saving and zero pollution.

In the short term, with the Russian-Ukrainian conflict superimposed on the rare high temperature in summer, the gas price in Europe fluctuates at a high level, and the demand for air source heat pumps increases rapidly.

In the long run, air source heat pumps are expected to become a long-term high-growth track under the general trend of energy transformation. Recently, the European Union proposed to install 10 million heat pumps in the next five years; Europe and the United States have successively introduced air source heat pump subsidy policies, which will further stimulate Overseas heat pump market demand.

  On the 28th, Rainbow Group had a strong daily limit, closing at 29.04 yuan, and Dayuan Pump closed at 30.70 yuan, an increase of 3.30%.

Haier Zhijia closed at 25.30 yuan, down 1.17%.