When the fertile fields are flourishing, the harvest sings

——The moving notes behind the hard-won harvest

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  The rice waves are rolling, the fruits and vegetables are fragrant, and the vast fields are filled with the joy of harvest.

On September 23, the autumn equinox, the fifth China Farmers Harvest Festival kicked off as scheduled.

In the north and south of the river, hundreds of millions of farmers sang and danced to celebrate the harvest together. In the Tianfu Agricultural Expo Park in Chengdu, Sichuan, one of the main venues of the harvest festival, farmers carried poles across a single-plank bridge and pushed a wheelbarrow to run; " and other interesting competitive activities to attract people to participate; farmers in Xiaozhan Town, Jinnan District, Tianjin City brought a special performance "Naoyanghaozi"...

  It's harvest season, it's time to celebrate.

Golden rice, fiery red peppers, white cotton, green vegetables... The colorful picture scrolls on the earth are not nature overturning the palette, but the masterpieces of farmers' sweat and hard work.

  This is the festival of farmers and the festival of the whole people.

Hundreds of millions of peasants hold up the Chinese rice bowl, which is more and more stable, with both hands, so that the 1.4 billion Chinese people have the confidence to eat well and to eat well.

  The five grains are the life of the people and the treasure of the country.

"Have food in your hands, don't panic in your heart" is the truth at all times.

Today, at the moment of praising the harvest and paying tribute to the farmers, it is even more important to emphasize food security as the "big one of the country", and it is also necessary to see that behind the song of the harvest, the string of food security has always been tightened, and the modernization of agriculture has reached a new level. The granary has a solid foundation, and only then can the "rice bags", "vegetable baskets", "meat jars" and "fruit plates" be full of abundance;

  1. From responsibility to good policy, countless people have poured out a heavy harvest answer sheet

  "I have planted more than 200 mu of rice. Although we have caught up with the severe drought, the government has provided us with drought-resistant wells, and the field management is relatively good. This year's rice output can reach about 120,000 kilograms, which is another bumper year." The harvest, the face of Sun Ning, a big rice grower in Linmiao Village, Yuehe Town, Tongbai County, Henan Province, was full of smiles.

  I like to see a thousand waves of rice and buds, and the fields and fields are full of scenery.

According to the agricultural situation dispatch data of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs on September 26, 25.1% of the national autumn grain has been harvested, and the progress is 1.2 percentage points faster than that of the same period last year.

Among them, the southwest region has received 65%, the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River and southern China have received 37.2%, the northwest region has received more than 30%, the Huanghuaihai region has received 17.3%, and the northeast region has received 8.8%.

  Autumn grain is the "big head" of grain production in the whole year, mainly including middle and late indica rice, japonica rice, corn, soybean, etc., and the output accounts for about three-quarters of the annual grain output.

After the hard-won bumper harvest of wheat-based summer grains, the main autumn grain-producing areas are in sight, and grain production is expected to have another bumper harvest.

  This is a heavy harvest answer sheet.

"Sinking" is not easy: to overcome the impact of the rare autumn rains and autumn floods in the north last year, the late sowing of winter wheat in large areas, and the local outbreak of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, and also to deal with the challenges of severe high temperature and drought in the south.

  Behind this answer sheet is the compaction of the responsibility for grain production-strictly implement the same responsibility of the party and government for food security. When the winter wheat area decreased by 1.01 million mu due to the rare autumn flood last year, the Northwest and other places did everything possible to expand the summer harvest and spring wheat by 1.77 million. According to local conditions, the southern region will expand 620,000 mu of miscellaneous grains and beans such as broad beans and potatoes, so as to realize "supplementing winter with spring" and "supplementing wheat with miscellaneous crops", and the area of ​​summer grains will not decrease but increase.

In addition, the area of ​​autumn grains increased steadily.

  It is the support of real money. This year, the central government allocated more than 6 billion yuan in subsidies to promote growth and stability of summer grain and wheat; at the end of August, the central government issued a fund of 10 billion yuan, and once again issued a one-time agricultural subsidy to the actual grain farmers. Support autumn harvest and autumn planting to alleviate the impact of rising agricultural prices.

So far, in 2022, the central government has issued a total of 40 billion yuan of subsidy funds in three batches; steadily increased the minimum purchase price of rice and wheat, and improved policies such as rice subsidies, corn and soybean producer subsidies... A series of policies that benefit farmers have further stimulated farmers to plant crops. food positivity.

  It is the precise field management - in the early spring of this year, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs sent more than 30 teams of more than 200 scientific and technical personnel to the front line, and the agricultural and rural departments of various regions sent a total of 624,000 person-times into the villages and households to promote the late sowing of winter wheat seedlings. Transformation and upgrading; 18,000 professional service teams have been established in the main summer grain producing areas to carry out "one spray and three preventions" for wheat to achieve full coverage of spray prevention operations, effectively preventing premature aging of wheat and "dry hot wind"; agriculture and rural areas, water conservancy, emergency, meteorology and other departments to strengthen consultation and early warning, and adapt to local conditions to fight drought and reduce disasters...

  Every plump grain and every plentiful fruit is the result of countless people's careful irrigation.

  2. From knowledgeable farming to "wisdom" farming, the technological background of agricultural production has become more and more dazzling

  "This year's drought has been severe, and the harvest of each grain of rice is not easy to come by. It is the high-standard farmland that has brought me a good harvest! In the past two years, the high-standard farmland construction projects in the village have covered 412 mu of my family's arable land. The 'slap field' that was separated and cannot be accessed by agricultural machinery has become a contiguous high-standard farmland, which not only saves water but also realizes mechanized farming, saving labor!" Standing in his own rice field, in Qiaoshe Town, Nanchang Economic and Technological Development Zone, Jiangxi The face of Tu Xuming, a big grain grower in Hu Village, was filled with happiness.

  In recent years, the Nanchang Economic and Technological Development Zone has taken high-standard farmland construction as a key measure to implement "grain storage in the land and technology" to ensure food security and the supply of important agricultural products. High-standard farmland with machine operation, stable and high yield.

  This is the embodiment of more and more modern production factors gathering in the fields and ridges, and the epitome of the growing "scientific and technological flavor" of agricultural production.

Looking at the vast fields, nowadays, there are more and more fertile fields where Tianchengfang, canals are connected, roads are connected, waterlogging can be drained, and drought can be irrigated.

Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, a total of 900 million mu of high-standard farmland has been built in my country, and a number of modern irrigation areas have been built. The effective irrigation area of ​​farmland has increased from 937 million mu in 2012 to 1.037 billion mu now. The situation in which agriculture depends on the weather is changing rapidly.

  Wang Zhihai, a major grain grower in Zhucun Community, Baichihe Town, Zhucheng City, Shandong Province, has planted 1,200 mu of corn this year. He is currently debugging machinery and preparing for the autumn harvest. The expected yield per mu is about 1,000 jin.

Recalling the bumper harvest of summer crops, more than 20 harvesters rumbled and shuttled back and forth, and wherever they went, the wheat ears were "eaten" cleanly.

"With my 1,200 mu of land, the whole process of grain production has been mechanized." Wang Zhihai, who has been farming for more than 10 years, is not only a big grain farmer, but also a famous "agricultural machine expert".

Knowing the "power" of modern agricultural technology, he has purchased more than 120 sets of agricultural equipment such as rotary sprinkler irrigation equipment, fertilizer spreaders, plant protection drones, grain dryers, color sorters, etc. It integrates the whole process of mechanized operations such as storage and transportation, and realizes the transformation from knowledgeable farming to "smart" farming.

  From the harvest in the field to the harvest in hand, it is inseparable from the strong mechanized support.

In recent years, my country's agricultural mechanization and intelligence have developed rapidly, the total amount of agricultural machinery equipment has continued to increase, and the level of agricultural machinery operations has rapidly improved.

  At present, the comprehensive mechanization rate of crop cultivation and harvesting in my country exceeds 72%.

This year's "Three Summers" wheat machine harvested, more than 650,000 combine harvesters were put into operation nationwide, and 250,000 were involved in cross-regional operations, ensuring the quality and progress of the harvest.

At present, large-scale autumn harvests are being carried out across the country. The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs recently issued a notice showing that it is expected that during the "Three Autumns" this year, various agricultural machinery will be invested in various regions to reach 30 million units (sets), and the yields of rice, corn and soybeans will exceed 94%. %, 80%, 82%, the machine-sowing rate of wheat exceeds 93%, and the level of mechanization of rape planting and harvesting of major crops such as potatoes, peanuts, cotton, and sugarcane has been further improved.

  Agricultural development has changed from relying on the input of resource factors to being driven by innovation, material, technical and equipment conditions have been significantly improved, and agricultural modernization has reached a new level.

At present, the contribution rate of my country's agricultural science and technology progress has reached 61%, and the self-sufficiency rate of crop seeds has exceeded 95%.

Technology has become the most important driving force for agricultural and rural economic growth.

 3. From the abundance of production to the “rich” pockets of money, urban and rural residents share the joy of harvest

  The golden autumn is cool, and the fruits are fragrant.

In the Chunxing Plantation Cooperative in Yicheng Town, Yicheng District, Zhumadian City, Henan Province, pear trees all over the mountains and plains are covered with fruits. Li Bin, a young entrepreneur who returned to his hometown in the 1990s, is busy picking fruits.

"We not only have golden pears, but also honey peaches, pan peaches, purple sweet potatoes, sweet persimmons, etc., which are listed in seasons. It can be said that there are flowers and fruits in the four seasons." Li Bin, who has transferred more than 3,000 mu of land for fruit tree planting, led the villagers to start Eco-tourism and picking gardens, and teach planting techniques to local people free of charge, drive the surrounding people to work and increase their income, and benefit more than 100 people.

  The yield is bumper, and the farmers' pockets are also "bumper", which is the real bumper harvest.

  The quality and efficiency of rural industries have been improved, adding bright colors to the harvest.

Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, my country has created a total of 140 advantageous and characteristic industrial clusters, 250 national modern agricultural industrial parks, more than 1,300 strong agricultural industrial towns, and more than 3,600 "one village, one product" demonstration villages and towns, creating a number of local characteristics. It is a highland for the development of rural industries with distinctive, prominent leading industries and high quality and efficiency.

Rural leisure tourism is developing steadily, and new business formats such as e-commerce are booming.

Innovation and entrepreneurship have become increasingly active. 11.2 million people have returned to their hometowns to innovate and start businesses. On average, each subject has driven 6 to 7 people to have stable employment and 15 to 20 people have flexible employment.

In the first half of this year, the per capita disposable income of rural residents was 9,787 yuan, a real increase of 4.2%; the online retail sales of agricultural products was 290 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 12.4%.

  Agricultural products are sold more widely, and income increase is more guaranteed.

At the Harvest Festival, such activities are not rare.

On September 23, at the Harvest Festival National Supply and Marketing Cooperative (Hunan Miluo) theme day event held in Changle Village, Changle Town, Miluo, Hunan, more than 100 kinds of provincial famous specialties such as tea, fragrant rice, camellia oil, spicy fish, sweet wine, etc. The products are dazzling, and 30 "Internet celebrities" live broadcast to bring goods, "calling" for agricultural products.

In Xing'an League, Inner Mongolia, more than 700 kinds of famous and high-quality special agricultural and animal husbandry products, including Xing'an League rice, made a concentrated appearance.

Xu Huimin, director of the Management Committee of the Modern Agriculture Demonstration Park in Zhalaite Banner of Xing'an League, introduced that the Zhalaite Banner Agricultural Products Digital Mall exhibition area she is in charge of, with the help of the influence of this event, the sales of privately-made Xing'an League rice has reached more than 5,000 orders.

  On the Harvest Festival, the golden autumn consumption season, which aims to build a platform for the production and marketing of agricultural products, has been successfully held for 4 sessions since 2018, and the cumulative sales of agricultural products have exceeded 80 billion yuan.

This year's Golden Autumn Consumer Season will last for 3 months, and it is expected to attract 500,000 merchants to participate. E-commerce companies such as Alibaba, JD.com, and Pinduoduo, live broadcast platforms, agricultural product wholesale markets such as Xinfadi, and supermarket companies such as Wumart will pass the Discounts, discounts, fee reductions, etc., promote agricultural product promotions, stimulate market consumption vitality, and allow urban and rural residents to share the joy of a bumper harvest.

  Chunhua and Qiushi are full of hard work.

A colorful and beautiful harvest picture scrolls unfold in the fields, and one after another warm, cheerful and heartfelt harvest songs are sung on the earth!

  (Reporter Chen Chen of this newspaper)

  my country's grain output has been stable at more than 1.3 trillion kilograms for seven consecutive years. In 2021, the grain output will reach a record high of 1,365.7 billion kilograms, and the per capita grain possession will reach 483 kilograms.

  The pass rate of routine monitoring of the quality and safety of agricultural products has been stable at over 97%, and more and more green and high-quality agricultural products are placed on the dining table of the common people.

  In 2021, the per capita disposable income of rural residents will be 18,931 yuan, more than double that in 2012, and the production and living standards of farmers have reached a big step.

  This year's summer grain output reached 294.78 billion catties, an increase of 2.87 billion catties over the previous year.

  (Organized by Chen Chen)