China News Service, September 28th, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security held a press conference on the revision of the People's Republic of China Occupational Classification Ceremony (2022 Edition) on the 28th.

Wu Liduo, director of the National Occupation Classification Revision Expert Committee and director of the China Employment Training Technical Guidance Center, introduced at the meeting, "In recent years, we have successively promulgated 74 new occupations. Incorporated into the ceremony. At the same time, we focus on national key strategies such as manufacturing power, digital China, green economy, rule of law, and rural revitalization. For example, around manufacturing power, we include industrial robot operators and operation and maintenance personnel in the ceremony. According to rural revitalization In order to meet the needs of farmers, we have included agricultural digital technicians and agricultural managers in the ceremony. After these adjustments, compared with the 2015 version of the ceremony, while keeping the eight categories unchanged, a net increase of 158 new occupations has been added. It has reached 1639.” (Zhongxin Finance)