China News Service, Xiong'an, September 27 (Reporter Cui Tao) China (Hebei) Pilot Free Trade Zone Xiongan Area Management Committee (hereinafter referred to as "Xiongan Pilot Free Trade Zone Management Committee") reported on the 27th that this year's The market players in the pilot trade zone have strong resilience and vitality. From January to August, the import and export volume of cross-border e-commerce reached 208 million yuan (RMB, the same below), an increase of about 183 million yuan over last year, an increase of more than 7 times.

  According to Shijiazhuang Customs statistics, from January to August 2022, the total import and export of Xiong'an New Area was 1.95 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 55%, ranking second in the province; the export was 1.57 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 74.1%, ranking the province's growth rate. Second; the import was 380 million yuan, an increase of 7% year-on-year, and the growth rate ranked third in the province.

At the same time, new foreign trade formats and models such as cross-border e-commerce in Xiongan New Area have achieved leapfrog development. After Zhugezhuang Industrial Park, Baiyangdian Industrial Park and Xianmatai Industrial Park have been put into operation, initially forming dislocation development, healthy competition, mutual Promote a win-win cross-border e-commerce ecosystem, and effectively promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries in the new area.

  It is reported that the Management Committee of Xiong’an Pilot Free Trade Zone, in accordance with the specific requirements of the “16 Policies and Measures of Hebei Province to Stabilize the Basic Market of Foreign Trade and Foreign Investment”, refined various measures, and studied and promulgated the “Three Measures on Promoting the High-quality Development of Foreign Trade and Foreign Investment”. Twelve Policies and Measures” and specific rules for awards and subsidies, and formulate a clear card for declaration of award and subsidy funds at the same time, clarify the specific information such as the scope of awards, declaration period, declaration conditions, declaration materials and declaration procedures, and officially open the foreign trade award subsidy funds in the first half of 2022. Report work.

After the policy is released, in order to ensure that enterprises can make full use of the supporting policies and enjoy the policy dividends, the Management Committee of the Xiong’an Pilot Free Trade Zone will carry out policy publicity activities to familiarize enterprises with specific reward and subsidy methods, encourage enterprises to actively declare, and strive for foreign trade for enterprises. Develop funds, reduce the burden on enterprises, reduce the operating costs of enterprises, and promote the development of foreign trade.

  According to the relevant person in charge of the Xiongan Free Trade Zone Management Committee, in the next step, the Xiongan Free Trade Zone Management Committee will continue to increase policy support, guide enterprises to strengthen their confidence, practice their internal skills, and let the foreign trade "carriage" run. Fast and stable, and make greater contributions to the construction of high-quality and high-standard free trade pilot zones.