China News Service, Guangzhou, September 27th (Reporter Guo Jun) The reporter learned from China Southern Airlines on the 27th that from October 7th, China Southern Airlines will resume Guangzhou-Frankfurt passenger flights, which will be operated by A359 aircraft every Friday. fly.

The flight time is as follows: the outbound flight takes off at 08:20, arrives in Frankfurt at 14:20, the return flight takes off at 18:15, and arrives in Guangzhou at 11:00 the next day (all the above are local times).

  Frankfurt is an important industrial and commercial, financial service and transportation center in Germany and even in Europe. The resumption of the Guangzhou-Frankfurt passenger route will provide convenience for international students and business people to travel to Europe.

  Recently, international and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan flights have resumed orderly. As of September, China Southern Airlines has resumed flights to many popular routes, including Wuhan-Istanbul/Hong Kong, Urumqi-Almaty/Bishkek/Dushanbe, Shenzhen-Moscow/ 11 routes including Dubai, Guangzhou-Dubai/London, Shenyang-Seoul/Hong Kong.

China Southern's international flights have increased from 48 flights per week to 64 flights per week (two round trips are counted), and the number of navigable countries has reached 27.