China News Service, Liuzhou, September 27 (Zhou Xiaonan) Guangxi Liugong Machinery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Liugong") recently signed a ten-year strategic cooperation with Ningde Times New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Ningde Times"). protocol.

According to the agreement, both parties will give full play to their respective advantages and jointly develop the electric construction machinery market.

  Liugong is located in western China and is a beautiful business card for China's equipment manufacturing industry.

The company has built 5 major R&D bases around the world, and its products have been sold to more than 170 countries and regions around the world. The domestic share of loaders ranks first in the industry, and the R&D technology level ranks first in the global construction machinery industry.

CATL is the world's leading battery supplier. The cooperation between the two parties will accelerate the "electricalization" of construction machinery.

  In recent years, China's construction machinery OEMs have deployed in the field of new energy construction machinery.

In addition to cooperating with upstream battery companies, Sany Group, a leader in the construction machinery industry, has also directly entered the lithium battery and energy storage sector by establishing a new company "Sany Lithium Energy".

  Coincidentally, as a high-end equipment manufacturer, Zoomlion has released more than 50 new energy products.

Construction machinery companies such as XCMG, Liugong, and Shanhe Intelligent are also accelerating the internationalization of electric products, and have successfully launched a variety of electrified products such as excavators, loaders, cranes, and new energy heavy trucks to overseas markets.

  "A few years ago, our electric loaders were only produced in small batches, but now they have been mass-produced and successfully exported," said Yu Zhiyong, director of strategic operations at Liugong.

In recent years, Liugong Electric Construction Machinery, as an expert in environmental protection and money saving, is gradually gaining market recognition.

Liugong electric loaders have been well received by the market since their launch in 2021, and the current domestic market share in China exceeds 70%.

  In order to guide the development of construction machinery products to be clean, green and high-tech, Chinese officials have issued relevant policies to guide them.

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China has launched the Action Plan for Promoting the Electrification of Vehicles in the Public Sector. According to the plan, by 2035, China's public sector vehicles will be fully electrified, including buses, urban logistics vehicles, and sanitation sweepers. , In addition, encourage qualified regions to support the research and development or operation of construction machinery electrification.

  With the development of "three powers" (battery, motor, electronic control) technology, the manufacturing cost is continuously reduced, and "electricalization" has become a high-frequency word in the construction machinery industry in recent years. It has become the key to promoting the transformation and upgrading of the industry.

  According to data from the China Construction Machinery Industry Association, a total of 851 electric loaders were sold from January to August 2022.

Among them, 216 units were sold in August, a month-on-month increase of 92.8%.

  Zheng Gang, an analyst at Yingda Securities Research Institute, said that the scale of China's power battery industry is now in the world's leading position, which will provide strong support for the research and development of China's construction machinery electrification products.

Under the background of policy promotion and environmental protection pressure, it is expected that the penetration rate of construction machinery electrification will exceed 30% in 2025.