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government has announced that it will extend the maturity of loans for self-employed people affected by Corona for up to three more years.

This is the fifth extension decision, and the self-employed have welcomed it, but there are also voices of concern.

Reporter Jeon Yeon-nam reports.


The financial authorities have again issued a loan relief plan for the self-employed who have been affected by the corona virus.

The maturity of the loan is up to three years, and the repayment of principal and interest is delayed by up to one year.

Originally, we were going to end this system at the end of this month, but we changed our position.

Self-employed people welcomed the announcement.

[Lee Gyeong-yeon / Meat restaurant management: I'm still a little relieved, but hearing the news...


In fact, the self-employed do not have the ability to repay the money with normal business.

The more it is delayed, the more it will be helpful for those who are self-employed.]

But there are also concerns.

As the financial authorities continued to extend loans for a total of four times for six months each, a total of 570,000 people, or 141 trillion won in loans, are accumulated.

It is pointed out that with this extension decision, the risk of insolvency will remain for three more years without being able to cover the stones and arrange them.

Financial authorities have also revealed that there is no further extension for this reason.

[Kim Joo-hyun / Chairman of the Financial Services Commission (last July): Did you not extend the maturity four times already?

However, under the current circumstances, I have a strong belief that this can lead to a bigger problem if it is extended again.]

He changed his words to the demands of the ruling and opposition politicians.

[Kim Joo-hyun/Chairman of the Financial Services Commission (today): I was concerned about the impact on the Korean economy when the temporary extension of the maturity and the deferment of repayment are ended at the end of September as originally scheduled due to the unexpected worsening of economic conditions.]

The bank took care of the extension of the maturity It is also a problem to shift the responsibility to do it.

As the bank may be trying to cover the damage suffered by this measure on the part of other general borrowers, countermeasures are needed.

(Video editing: Choi Hye-young, VJ: Park Hyun-woo)