At the automotive supplier and plastics specialist Continental, the quality problems with hoses are increasing.

The company found out that the intended standards for testing processes for industrial hoses at the Contitech division location in Korbach were not always complied with, the Hanover-based company announced on Monday.

For example, hoses were not consistently checked with the specified frequency.

Since February, the company has been conducting extended quality tests on all hose types after problems with the cleanliness of air conditioning hoses.

Continental had confirmed this before the weekend after the “Spiegel” reported on it.

"At the current time there are no signs that there have been any abnormalities when using industrial hoses by customers," said the Dax group.

Among other things, it involves hoses for refueling, water and steam lines.

The customers come from mechanical engineering, the chemical industry and the beverage industry.

In 2021, hose production in Korbach contributed a mid double-digit million amount to group sales.

As a precautionary measure, Continental has now suspended the sale and delivery of affected hoses from Korbach until compliance with the testing processes is ensured.

An independent auditing company should accompany this.

Customers and the first responsible authorities have been informed.

The additional tests should affect the entire Contitech division.

regain trust

"We did not meet the requirements in our Contitech division in the production of hoses and lines," admitted Conti CEO Nikolai Setzer in a statement.

It is now a question of regaining trust.

Before the weekend, Conti had confirmed internal investigations into hoses for air conditioning lines - in this case, personnel and technical consequences had already been drawn.

Continental had not met the cleanliness requirements agreed with customers for such hoses for a long time, apparently employees had manipulated the internal quality tests.

Compliance - i.e. the supervision of the company's adherence to rules - has been the responsibility of CEO Setzer for some time.

Further internal investigations into the involvement in the VW diesel scandal are currently underway at Continental - the public prosecutor's office is also investigating the possible involvement of Continental employees.

It also deals with the way in which the group is working through it.