Since the localization of Tesla, the price of its models has experienced many fluctuations, but it is still relatively rare to adjust directly from the guide price.

  Recently, an email about Tesla models being able to enjoy insurance subsidies has been circulating on the Internet.

The email shows that car owners who complete the pickup between September 16th and September 30th, if they choose to buy insurance in the Tesla store, can enjoy an insurance subsidy of 8,000 yuan, and the subsidy can be directly used to reduce the car price.

This behavior was also interpreted by the market as Tesla's "disguised price reduction of 8,000 yuan".

  A reporter from Securities Times e Company visited Tesla’s Shanghai store a few days ago and confirmed the authenticity of the content of the online email to Tesla’s store sales staff.

"We generally don't do this kind of subsidy activities. This is a temporary activity to sprint the delivery volume." The sales staff told reporters that the 8,000 yuan subsidy can be enjoyed when picking up a car on the 30th, which will be reduced or exempted when the final payment is delivered. car price.

  On Tesla’s second-quarter earnings conference call this year, Musk responded to Tesla’s price issue and said, “I think inflation will come down by the end of the year, and hopefully at that time we can lower car prices a little bit.” A reporter from e company said that based on past experience, Tesla's sales at the beginning of the quarter were mainly export, and at the end of the quarter, it was mainly domestic. This price reduction subsidy may be to digest production capacity and increase delivery.

  Consumers flock to stores to consult subsidies

  After Tesla's preferential policies spread, it attracted a group of consumers to the store for consultation.

A reporter from e Company saw at a Tesla store in Shanghai that both the Model 3 and Model Y show cars in the store were crowded with people.

No promotional posters for this preferential policy are posted in the store, but consumers have inquired a lot about subsidies.

  "The order I placed two months ago, I have not picked up the car, I rushed over to catch up with this event." Mr. Li, the owner of Tesla, told reporters.

There are also consumers who quickly placed orders after seeing the news. "The event will end in a few days. Taking advantage of the fast delivery now, I placed an order for a Model 3." Ms. Wang said that she had waited and watched for a while. The choice was finally made during the last few days of the event.

  "There are indeed a lot of people looking at the car recently. After this month, there may be no such activities in the future." The Tesla store salesperson told reporters that as of September 30, all Model 3 and Model Y (not yet available) delivered Owners with official licenses) who choose to buy Tesla in-store insurance, and the insurance types include compulsory traffic insurance and car damage insurance, will receive an insurance subsidy of 8,000 yuan.

The subsidy method is to directly reduce the car price by 8,000 yuan when the final payment is delivered.

  Regarding the reason for the "8,000 yuan reduction", the sales staff said, "At the end of the quarter, in order to sprint the delivery volume, some cities are now severely affected by the epidemic and cannot deliver on time, and now it is mainly delivered in Shanghai."

At the same time, the salesperson also emphasized that there are very few such subsidy activities for Tesla this time, "Tesla is a direct-operated model, and the prices are unified and transparent, and it is unlikely that there will be some preferential promotions like 4S stores."

  Tesla’s official website shows that the current Tesla Model 3 rear-wheel drive version is priced at 279,900 yuan, the high-performance version is priced at 367,900 yuan; the Model Y rear-wheel drive version is priced at 316,900 yuan, and the long-range version is priced at 394,900 yuan , the high-performance version is priced at 417,900 yuan.

  Tesla's Shanghai Gigafactory expands again

  At the same time as the promotion of preferential activities, the production capacity of Tesla's Shanghai Gigafactory is also continuously increasing.

On September 19, the information on the environmental information disclosure platform of Shanghai enterprises and institutions showed that the production line optimization project of the second phase of the Tesla Shanghai Gigafactory (Phase I) was completed and commissioned on September 1. The expected acceptance period is September. 1st to 30th November.

  It is understood that the total investment of the project is as high as 1.2 billion yuan, of which 85 million yuan is invested in environmental protection, accounting for 7.08%. The actual start time is December 21 last year, and the expected completion time is April this year, but it will be officially postponed to September. Completion.

  The production line optimization project this time is Tesla's expansion in the existing factory, mainly by increasing the production cycle to expand production capacity.

According to the EIA report released in November last year, the production line optimization projects are mainly the expansion of stamping workshop, body workshop, painting workshop, final assembly workshop and logistics operation center.

  According to Tesla's estimates, after the completion of the production line optimization project, 4,000 employees will be added, and the number of employees in the entire plant will reach 19,000. This production line optimization project will further expand Tesla's production capacity in the Shanghai Gigafactory.

  In addition, the degree of localization of Tesla is also increasing.

Tao Lin, Tesla's vice president, said in an interview recently that the localization rate of Tesla's Shanghai Gigafactory industrial chain has reached 95%.

  Tesla’s second quarter 2022 financial report shows that the Shanghai factory has a production capacity of more than 750,000 vehicles, making it Tesla’s factory with the highest production capacity.

The industry also expects that after the production line upgrade, the production capacity of Tesla's Shanghai factory will increase significantly.

  As production capacity climbs and the degree of localization increases, Tesla's delivery speed is also increasing.

"The main reason for subsidizing 8,000 yuan of insurance this time is to digest sufficient production capacity and increase delivery." An unnamed analyst told reporters that according to past experience, Tesla's sales at the beginning of the quarter were mainly exports, and at the end of the quarter Domestically.

  The reporter learned that the Model Y rear-wheel drive version is the fastest to pick up the car, and the delivery cycle is only 1-4 weeks, while the delivery cycle of Model 3 and other versions of Model Y is 6-10 weeks or longer.

The store salesperson told reporters that the current car pickup cycle has been greatly shortened, and there are still existing cars in the Shanghai store, but the delivery speed has been very fast recently, and the number of existing cars is not much.

  The competition of new car companies is more intense

  2021 is regarded as the first year of the outbreak of the domestic new energy vehicle market, and the market competition is relatively less intense.

By this year, the overall new energy market still maintains high growth, but the market share has begun to change.

  According to the data released by the China Passenger Car Association, the domestic retail sales of passenger vehicles in the narrow sense reached 1.8706 million units in August, a year-on-year increase of 28.8% and a month-on-month increase of 2.9%; of which, the retail sales of new energy vehicles was 653,100 units, with a market penetration rate of 28.3% , a new high, an increase of 11 percentage points over the same period last year.

  BYD topped the passenger car retail sales list, while the momentum of the new car-making force "Wei Xiaoli" slowed down.

In August, NIO sold 10,677 vehicles. Although the sales volume increased by 81.6% year-on-year, it could not catch up with the doubling of its peers. The retail sales of Xiaopeng Motors was 9,578 vehicles, a year-on-year increase of 32.8%, and a month-on-month decrease.

  Tesla's total sales in August reached 76,965 vehicles, of which 42,463 were exported and 34,502 were sold in the domestic market.

Model Y set a monthly sales record of 62,169 units in August, an increase of 295% month-on-month and a year-on-year increase of 261%.

  In addition, new and new forces such as Nezha, Leapao, Ji Krypton, AITO, and Zhiji have also begun to exert force, and the market share of some new forces has declined.

In addition to the rapid offensive of new energy brands from traditional car companies, new energy products from joint venture brands are also squeezing the market space of new car manufacturers.

According to industry insiders, in the fiercely competitive new energy vehicle companies, "reducing prices in disguise" may be a helpless move.

  Other electric car brands also have promotions

  In fact, Tesla's "disguised price reduction" is not an isolated case, and other new car-making forces also have promotions.

  The reporter learned at the Shanghai store of Xiaopeng Motors that Xiaopeng launched a series of activities such as ordering a car and sending a battery warranty.

"We are currently in the event period, and the car will be given a lifetime warranty for the battery. In addition, there is also a deposit doubling activity during the new car launch booking period. Paying a deposit of 5,000 yuan can deduct 10,000 yuan." Xiaopeng staff introduced to reporters, now Reserving a new car can also give away a gift package worth 3,000 yuan, including air mattresses, sunshades, etc.

  Xiaopeng G9's "disguised price reduction" has also attracted market attention recently.

In response to the dissatisfaction of the booking users with the price and configuration of the new car, Xiaopeng quickly adjusted the model configuration and price. After the configuration upgrade, it is equivalent to a disguised price reduction of 22,000-30,000 yuan for the G9 model.

"Next week, our store should have the G9 show car, and the current pre-orders for this car are also good." Xiaopeng staff told reporters.

  In addition, at the beginning of September, there was market news that the Ideal ONE had reduced its price by 20,000 yuan and will officially stop production in October this year.

In this regard, the sales staff of the ideal car store said that the upcoming Li Li L8 may be tens of thousands more expensive than the Li Li ONE, which is an upgraded product of the Li Li ONE.

"Buying ONE now can enjoy a discount of 20,000 yuan for the final payment, and the discount may become 15,000 yuan next month. The store has existing car inventory and can pick up the car." The salesperson said.

  Industry experts believe that the "disguised price reduction" of the new forces is more for the purpose of impacting sales and enhancing competitiveness.

Some people in the industry also said that the terminal discount or to stimulate the sales of "used cars" and to appease consumer sentiment has little to do with cost.

(e company)