On September 23, the Bohai Oilfield Bozhong 29-6 oilfield development project successfully passed the onshore construction completion acceptance at the Tianjin Intelligent Manufacturing Base of COOEC, marking the completion of the onshore construction of China's first offshore oil and gas equipment "smart manufacturing" project. Important breakthroughs have been made in the transformation of digital and intelligent manufacturing of oil and gas equipment.

  It is understood that the Bozhong 29-6 oilfield development project is an important project for Bohai Oilfield, the largest crude oil production base in China, to increase reserves and increase production in 2022. It is also a pilot demonstration project for "smart manufacturing" of China's offshore oil and gas equipment.

The 8-leg wellhead platform completed this time is composed of east and west blocks and living buildings, with a total weight of about 12,000 tons and can accommodate 100 people working and living at the same time.

(Tang Runqing Wang Zaiyu video source CNOOC Tianjin Branch)

Responsible editor: [Peng Dawei]