Overseas consumers still have strong demand for high-quality, cost-effective Chinese-made products.

On September 19, Pinduoduo announced the official launch of the "2022 Duoduo Overseas Support Plan" to provide integrated service solutions for manufacturing businesses to go overseas.

The plan will invest 10 billion resource packages, build 100 overseas brands in the first phase, support 10,000 manufacturing companies to directly connect to overseas markets, and help China's manufacturing industry to upgrade overseas.

Directly connect the overseas demand side and the domestic supply side to create unique value

  The pain point of Chinese manufacturing in overseas exploration is that it cannot directly meet the needs of overseas end users and obtain corresponding value.

The person in charge of the "Duoduo Overseas Support Plan" project said that Pinduoduo's cross-border e-commerce business empowers overseas business with new technologies, eliminates the gap between trade and logistics, directly connects the overseas demand side and the domestic supply side, and helps Chinese manufacturing companies to cross the intermediate links. , directly to overseas consumers.

  The foundation of Pinduoduo's domestic business is agriculture, and the premise of its overseas business is China's increasingly developed manufacturing industry.

According to the above-mentioned person in charge, since its establishment more than seven years ago, Pinduoduo has been based in China and has grown together with thousands of manufacturing enterprises.

The platform's "buy together" model with fewer SKUs, high orders, and short bursts can not only quickly digest the factory's production capacity, but also help manufacturers quickly gain market access through "phenomenal" explosions and establish a brand image.

The Pinduoduo platform has spawned nearly a thousand manufacturing brands and accumulated rich industrial belt resources, many of which are high-quality invisible champions in the industry and have the potential to enter the global market.

During the 618 period, domestic manufacturing brands broke out in Pinduoduo, and many industries achieved double growth.

  It is reported that since the beginning of this year, Pinduoduo has successively launched a number of special activities to support the manufacturing industry, such as “Duoduo New National Trend” and “Duoduo New Craftsmanship”, and have gone deep into many household appliances, clothing, sports, beauty, daily chemicals, milk powder, home furnishing, etc. In the manufacturing field, from the aspects of product structure, design and development, manufacturing, and brand building, it provides full-link digital services for manufacturing brands, and helps traditional enterprises and manufacturing plants to transform and upgrade.

  During the Pinduoduo 618 promotion period, domestic manufacturing brands also ushered in a full-scale outbreak, and the platform mobile phone, home appliances, beauty, daily chemical and other industries have doubled year-on-year growth.

Among them, the sales volume of all categories in the mobile phone industry increased by 148% year-on-year, the sales volume of all categories of home appliances increased by 103% year-on-year, the sales of all categories in the beauty industry increased by 122% year-on-year, and the sales of all categories in the daily chemical industry increased by 110% year-on-year.

  "In the domestic consumer market, Pinduoduo has become a new engine for the transformation and upgrading of China's manufacturing industry. We will learn from successful domestic experience, increase investment in scientific research and technology, and better serve the overseas business of Chinese manufacturing." CEO Chen Lei said that Pinduoduo's cross-border e-commerce business will not simply repeat what others have done, but will strive to create its own unique value.

The greatest value is to work together with China's manufacturing industry and grow together.

Provide integrated services for the manufacturing industry to go overseas, with long-term stable investment

  According to reports, the "2022 Duoduo Overseas Support Plan" released by Pinduoduo's cross-border e-commerce business plans to help Chinese manufacturing companies develop overseas markets by providing integrated services such as digital and real integration, brand incubation, logistics support, legal support, and resource subsidies. , covering five supporting measures: for long-term overseas manufacturing enterprises, the preferential policy of 0 deposit and 0 commission will be adopted to continue to benefit enterprises and merchants; 10 billion-level resource packages will be invested, 100 industrial belts will be combined, and 100 overseas brands will be built in the first phase. Support 10,000 manufacturing enterprises to connect directly to the global market; provide a full range of infrastructure services, including domestic and foreign warehousing, cross-border logistics and after-sales service, etc., to open up "full-link" cross-border channels for manufacturing enterprises; launch an integrated overseas market Solutions, including language and culture, product standards, intellectual property services, legal aid, trade arbitration, etc., safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese manufacturing enterprises; carry out special training on "going overseas", and launch customized courses for different types of products to help enterprises Quickly develop new overseas markets.

The "2022 Duoduo Overseas Support Plan" will help Chinese manufacturing enterprises to directly connect to the global market through integrated services and five supporting measures.

  Regarding overseas intellectual property protection issues that manufacturers are more concerned about, the person in charge of the "Duoduo Overseas Support Plan" said that on the one hand, Pinduoduo's cross-border e-commerce business will effectively protect the intellectual property rights of all parties with the strictest intellectual property standards , and participate in global competition with Chinese manufacturers.

  On the other hand, a large number of Chinese manufacturing enterprises have accumulated a lot of experience and capabilities in design, technology and innovation in the past decades of development, but because some enterprises lack the experience of protecting their own intellectual property rights and other due rights in the international market , coupled with the existence of some "overlord clauses" or improper behaviors of unfair trading by powerful players in market trade, Chinese enterprises will eventually suffer from dumb losses.

To this end, Pinduoduo will take advantage of the credit endorsement of its own listed company and the advantages of an international professional team to provide strong legal service support for China's manufacturing industry to go overseas, help businesses build a sound legal protection system, and gain due value and respect. .

  "Cross-border e-commerce business will be full of challenges and requires continuous attempts." Chen Lei said that the overseas business has the possibility of creating new value. Pinduoduo is determined to be a service provider for Chinese manufacturing, make long-term and stable investment, and continue to develop Domestic manufacturing companies are leaning on resources to help and serve Chinese manufacturing companies to cross the intermediate links, reach overseas consumers directly, and directly connect to the global market.