Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, August 31st.

Title : Consolidate and restore the foundation and promote smooth operation - a scan of economic and social development across the country in August

  Xinhua News Agency reporter

  Since August, the domestic epidemic has spread in many places, and floods in the north and droughts in the south have brought new challenges.

Faced with the complex situation, all localities have conscientiously implemented the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping. The economy remains operating within a reasonable range, laying a solid foundation for the best results throughout the year.

Do a good job of efficient overall planning and focus on stabilizing the economic fundamentals

  In a "hotel square cabin" in Yalong Bay, Sanya City, Hainan, positions such as administrative duty, hospital sense supervision, and information management are readily available.

  "Converting the hotel into a square cabin can quickly and effectively deal with the problem of 'people waiting for a bed' during the epidemic." Bai Fang, the designer of this "hotel square cabin", said that as of August 22, more than 700 patients have been treated. More than 100 people have been discharged.

  At the beginning of August, a new round of new coronary pneumonia appeared in Hainan.

In order to fight the epidemic and prevent spillover, Hainan has fully tapped the potential of local resources, built or renovated 23 makeshift hospitals, and organized the return journey of nearly 200,000 stranded passengers in an efficient and orderly manner.

  The prevention and control of the epidemic persisted day and night, and the production of enterprises resumed in an orderly manner.

  Yangpu International Container Terminal is full of bridge cranes, trailers are roaring, and giant ships full of cargo are berthing in turn.

  "The terminal implements closed-loop management of physical fences and gate guards for the entire port area. Each work shift follows 8 operation lines to seize production, and the overall operation efficiency has returned to the level before the epidemic." Zhao Kaixian, manager of the operation department of Yangpu International Container Terminal Co., Ltd. Say.

  In response to the recent outbreak of local epidemics in Hainan and other places, relevant localities have ensured the orderly operation of key functions affecting economic and social development while adhering to scientific prevention and control and dynamic clearing.

  The national economic operation data in July showed that the economy continued to recover and develop, but there were slight fluctuations, and the growth rate of some indicators declined.

All localities seized the critical period of economic recovery, made efforts to efficiently coordinate epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development, and took multiple measures to consolidate the foundation for economic recovery and development.

  More than 160 million market entities are the driving force for economic development and the backbone of employment. Stabilizing market entities is the key to stabilizing the economic fundamentals.

  In Shenzhen Guangfeng Technology Co., Ltd., located in Nanshan District, Shenzhen, the electronic display board data that records the cumulative playing time of the company's laser source is constantly refreshed.

  Providing laser projection light sources for theaters is one of the company's main businesses.

"Recently, the local government has issued consumer coupons and set up a platform to respond to market players' demands to help solve problems in a timely manner, and the theater business has continued to pick up." said Tang Shi, vice president of Shenzhen Guangfeng Technology Co., Ltd.

  Beijing has introduced 34 reform measures to increase support for small, medium and micro enterprises; Shanxi Hejin has set up a "one-stop" business establishment service area to improve the convenience of business establishment; Jiangxi Ganzhou has established a "government-enterprise dispute" government-agency joint resolution center to help optimize business operations Business environment... As of August 15, a total of over 2.1 trillion yuan of tax refunds have been refunded to taxpayers' accounts nationwide, helping market players recover.

  Investment is one of the "troikas" that drive the economy.

As the effects of a series of policy measures have gradually emerged, infrastructure investment has maintained a good momentum, providing solid support for stable economic growth.

  After the end of the summer, the autumn is getting stronger, the heat in the Qinba Mountains gradually subsided, and the Han to Wei project has ushered in the golden period of construction.

  The Jinjinxia Water Control Project with a total storage capacity of 221 million cubic meters and an annual water supply capacity of 1 billion cubic meters is an important part of the Han to Wei project.

On August 12, the longitudinal cofferdam section (No. 9 dam section) of the Jinjinxia Water Control Project was poured to a crest elevation of 455 meters.

  "This marks the completion of the concrete pouring of the longitudinal cofferdam of the Jinjinxia Water Control Project, and the Jinhuangxia Water Control Project will be able to store water by the end of this year." said Ma Guangming, director of the Engineering Department of Jinjinxia Branch of Shaanxi Province Yinhan Jiwei Engineering Construction Co., Ltd. .

  The key project of "West-East Power Transmission" Baihetan-Zhejiang ±800kV UHV DC transmission project in Anhui section of the Yangtze River spanning towers has been completed. Unit 3 of the Suwalong Hydropower Station in the upper reaches of the Jinsha River has been put into operation, and the northernmost high-speed railway station in China—— Yichun West Railway Station started construction... Seizing the time window of the peak construction season, the construction of major projects in various places has been solidly promoted.

  Consumption is the final demand, a key link and an important engine for smooth domestic circulation, and has a lasting driving force for the economy.

At the critical point in the current economic recovery, especially based on the advantages of my country's super-large market, we must take an active role in promoting consumption, and provide support for stable economic growth and response to external challenges.

  In the afternoon, in a coffee shop in Shanghai's Jing'an District, the owner, He Weiqi, was busy greeting customers.

"Recently, the government has issued consumer coupons, and in-store consumption has returned to pre-epidemic levels, and plans to open a second store soon."

  The fireworks on the pedestrian street are rising, the first store brands are unveiled one after another, and the "night economy" is gradually heating up - the recovery of the Shanghai consumer market is accelerating.

  In response to the impact of uncertain factors such as the epidemic, many places across the country have issued cultural tourism "gift packs" and consumer coupons "family buckets", and carried out "trade-in" new energy vehicles to promote the continuous recovery of consumption.

  Foreign seniors have maintained their confidence in the Chinese market and pressed the "fast-forward button" for their layout in China, reflecting the resilience and potential of China's economy.

  "The Estee Lauder world-class R&D center, which cost hundreds of millions of yuan, will be completed and put into use in Shanghai this year. We are very confident in the Chinese market," said Fan Jiayu, President and CEO of Estee Lauder Group China.

Active flood control and drought relief to ensure the normal operation of production and life

  In recent years, in the face of the severe situation of the superposition of floods and droughts, all localities have paid close attention to flood control and drought relief measures, spared no effort to protect the safety of people's lives and property, and ensure the normal operation of production and life.

  Panjin, Liaoning Province, the rescue scene of the burst of the Raoyang River.

China Eneng Group invested 213 people in "two shifts" construction, and used 219 sets of machinery to deal with dangerous situations; the transportation department dispatched teams to rush the road, and the communication management department dispatched emergency communication base station vehicles to ensure smooth communication; more than 300 party members flooded the commando team day and night Fighting hard, guarding carefully...

  After all-out rescue efforts, the drainage work in the submerged area caused by the rupture of the Raoyang River has basically ended a few days ago, and the water level of the Dujia and Yuhegai sections of the Liaohe River tributaries has retreated to below the warning water level.

  Since the beginning of the flood season, Liaoning and other places have experienced multiple rounds of heavy rainfall, and some rivers have experienced excessive flooding.

Some areas in the south have experienced droughts that are rare in the same period for many years. From July to August, the Yangtze River Basin experienced the lowest precipitation in the same period since 1961, and severe meteorological drought occurred in many parts of the basin.

  In response to extreme weather, it is very important to coordinate and implement various responsibility measures to help the affected people return to normal production and life as soon as possible.

  Affected by the continuous high temperature, fine and hot weather, the average precipitation in Chongqing was about 70% lower than that of the same period of the previous year, some rivers stopped flowing, and some areas experienced varying degrees of water difficulties.

  In Sanshu Village, Dade Town, Kaizhou District, Chongqing, the water supply of the Zancao Reservoir, which supplies local villagers with drinking water, has dropped sharply.

The local government immediately organized forces to deliver water urgently with water trucks, opened up new water sources, and laid 2 kilometers of steel pipes to divert water from the nearby Shuizhugou Reservoir.

  "15 workers worked consecutive shifts and left at 5:00 in the morning to rush the construction period and ensure the water supply. Finally, not long ago, the village was reconnected with drinking water." Yao Anxing, who was in charge of the on-site water diversion construction, said.

  Right now is the critical period of autumn sowing seedlings and ramet propagation. The high temperature and low rainfall have caused many farmlands to suffer from drought.

Walking through the fields, you can see scenes of drought resistance and water supply, such as digging canals, digging new wells, and erecting water pumps.

  "Drought-resistant equipment is installed in the village, and water can be directly directed to the field," said Chen Xiaoniu, a major grain grower in Xiangtan Village, Houtian Township, Honggutan District, Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province.

In order to alleviate the adverse effects of drought on agricultural production, Houtian Township allocated special funds for farmland water conservancy in time and invested in the construction of drought-resistant wells and pumping stations.

  In the hot summer season, power supply is related to the production and life of the masses.

Rarely high temperature continues, and electricity load increases rapidly. The importance and urgency of ensuring electricity supply during peak summer this year is highlighted.

  In the past few days, Hunan's largest electricity load has hit a record high.

The local government made a fuss from "supply and demand ends" to ensure that key enterprises use electricity for production, give priority to electricity for people's livelihood, and ensure electricity for drought resistance.

  Under the scorching sun, Yi Yubo, director of the Xinhe Town Power Supply Office of the State Grid Changning Power Supply Company, and his colleagues quickly launched a special inspection of the power supply lines.

"Through the special patrol, hidden dangers can be found and eliminated in time, and the power supply can be further guaranteed." Yi Yubo said.

  As of August 16, the province's thermal coal inventory was 4.26 million tons, an increase of 1.62 million tons over the same period last year; the thermal power supply capacity reached 18 million kilowatts, and the hydropower power supply capacity reached 11 million kilowatts. The power supply was generally safe and stable.

  Shanxi relies on the advantages of a large power grid and a flexible power trading mechanism to expand the scale of Shanxi power transmission; State Grid Anhui Electric Power and Anhui Provincial Meteorological Bureau set up a special class for load forecasting, and launch early warning of power balance in advance based on the latest meteorological information every day; Sichuan at all levels Government agencies and municipal power users have taken the lead in reducing the load, and try their best to provide electricity to the people. At present, all large industries, general industries and commerce have resumed normal power supply...

  "Despite the rare high temperature weather in history and the record high power load, the national power supply and demand is stable and orderly," said He Yang, director of the Electric Power Department of the National Energy Administration.

Stable prices, stable employment, solid protection of basic people's livelihood

  In the face of the impact of the epidemic, the downward pressure on the economy and the external environment of global inflation, it is very important to put the protection of people's livelihood in a prominent position and earnestly protect the bottom line of people's livelihood.

  Despite the off-season, the trading floor of Shouguang Agricultural Products Logistics Park is still busy.

  He Xiaojie, deputy manager of the operation and management department of Shouguang Agricultural Products Logistics Park, said that at the time of the "Northern Vegetables to the South" transaction period, a large number of northern vegetables were listed.

  If prices are stable, people will be stable.

Under the pressure of global inflation, it is of great significance to ensure stable supply and stable prices.

  We will do a good job in the prevention and control of pests and diseases by classification and division, and organize agricultural technicians to give guidance; promote the autumn sowing of vegetables and strengthen intensive seedling cultivation; increase the organization of supply sources and smooth the distribution channels... All regions should pay close attention to the production of autumn grains, and do not relax their efforts to grasp the "vegetable basket". Stable production and supply of products.

  Employment is the foundation of people's livelihood.

At present, it is particularly critical to do a good job in the employment of key groups such as college graduates.

  Not long ago, fresh graduate Guo Lixian came to Dinggang Community, Nanqi Street, Shushan District, Hefei City, Anhui Province, and became a community "little housekeeper".

"Next, I will use my spare time to prepare for the judicial examination. I hope to be a public interest lawyer in the community in the future and continue to shine at the grassroots level," he said.

  This year, Hefei City provided 4,000 community jobs for college graduates at one time, and provided community "little housekeepers" for the city's communities, which not only helped college graduates to find employment, but also improved the level of community governance.

  Jilin Province further expands the recruitment scale of government agencies and institutions, and plans to solve the employment of more than 20,000 people; Shanghai requires municipal and district state-owned enterprises to arrange no less than 50% of the employment positions in the annual recruitment plan for graduates from local colleges and universities Targeted recruitment of students; Gansu Province has developed more than 37,000 jobs of various types this year...

  "All localities are gathering resources and tapping potentials in accordance with relevant requirements, and releasing a batch of grassroots jobs suitable for the employment of college graduates through multiple channels and fields," said Zhang Ying, director of the Employment Promotion Department of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security.

  Worrying about the urgency of the masses, all localities focus on the people's "urgency and worries", take measures according to local conditions, and take the initiative to strengthen the basic living security of the people in need.

For subsistence allowances and people in extreme poverty, living allowances will be issued on the basis of living allowances; pension and medical insurance premiums will be paid for groups in need to prevent poverty-stricken households from returning to poverty; social assistance and security standards will be linked to price increases in a timely manner. Temporary price subsidy...

  Recently, a one-time living allowance of 300 yuan and a temporary assistance of 8,000 yuan issued by the civil affairs department have relieved Song Tao, a citizen of Taiyuan, Shanxi, who suffers from uremia.

"Because of serious illness, I can't go out to work, and I have to do dialysis three times a week. Thanks to the government's help, I was able to get over the difficulties." Song Tao said.

  Cao Lili, director of the Social Assistance Center of Wanbailin District, Taiyuan City, introduced that this year, the province will issue an additional 300 yuan one-off living allowance to each person in need, such as the subsistence allowances and the extremely poor. Temporary relief fund.

  The executive meeting of the State Council held on August 18 deployed to increase the basic living security of the people in need, and proposed to "timely include those who meet the minimum living standards into the minimum living allowance" and "from September this year to March next year, the price subsidy linkage will be adjusted in stages. mechanism” and other package of policy measures.

  "The implementation of various decisions and deployments of the Party Central Committee and the State Council is accelerating, the efficient coordination of epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development has continued to show results, and the effects of macro policies have been continuously released. The trend of China's economic recovery will be further consolidated." National Development and Reform Commission Yuan Da, director of the National Economic Comprehensive Department, said.