China News Service, August 31 (Zhongxin Finance and Economics Zuo Yuqing) Monday, August 29, was originally a busy working day, but as the first joint activity of Pizza Hut and Mihayou's mobile game "Yuan Shen" Today, many Pizza Hut stores are full of people from morning to night.

At the same time, "Pizza Hut" and "Yuanshen" also appeared on Weibo's hot search.

  "Those who didn't know thought that Pizza Hut made a 'Crazy Monday'." Some netizens sighed.

The queuing scene on the 29th posted by netizens on social platforms.

Screenshot from a social platform.

Some stores are forced to close due to the popularity of linkage

  According to the introduction of Pizza Hut’s activities, the time for this joint activity with Genshin Impact will be from August 29 to September 17. Three packages with prices of 69 yuan, 89 yuan and 189 yuan will be launched, and there will be a gift of Genshin related linkage. surrounding.

In addition to the opening of three sales channels of store order, delivery order, and takeaway, there are many designated theme stores across the country that have set up offline activities.

  After the pre-purchase event of the package coupons on the 24th "crowded" the Pizza Hut APP, on the 29th, the offline stores of Pizza Hut were also "crowded".

Some netizens in Beijing, Tianjin, Guangzhou and other places said that many Pizza Hut theme stores had to close early due to too many people in line.

  "I thought it was a weekday and didn't rush to go out. When I arrived at the store, I found that I was still too naive." Some netizens said that they queued up until more than three o'clock in the afternoon to have a smooth meal.

  On the 30th, Zhongxin Finance visited Pizza Hut (Gongti North Road Store) and found that the theme activity store had suspended offline business and only provided takeaway services.

The staff told Zhongxin Finance that at present, all seven theme stores in Beijing have been suspended, and the specific opening time is not yet clear.

On the 30th, the Pizza Hut (Gongti North Road) theme store has been closed.

Photo by Zuo Yuqing

  "There were too many people in line yesterday, and the square (in front of the store) was full of people." She told Zhongxin Finance that if you want to participate in the event, you can order meals in nearby ordinary stores and the official APP to verify the package coupons and exchange them for the surrounding area.

As for the limited area of ​​the theme store, she said that she can wait for the notification in the online event group and distribute it separately.

  Zhongxin Finance noticed that although Pizza Hut (Gongti North Road Store) has been closed, many people still came to inquire about the situation and took pictures.

A consumer who had been there on the 29th said that there were too many queues at the Gongti North Road store that day, and the store was closed around 10 am.

"I wanted to try my luck again today, but I didn't expect it to open."

Pizza Hut responds: will avoid crowds

  In response to the queuing phenomenon caused by the linkage activities and the limited number of surrounding areas, on the evening of the 29th, the official Weibo of “Pizza Hut China” issued an announcement, suggesting that consumers prefer the Pizza Hut APP for delivery/take-out to order food to reduce the flow of people on site.

On the evening of the 29th, Pizza Hut China's official Weibo issued an announcement, advising consumers to dine at off-peak hours to reduce the flow of people on site.

  Pizza Hut told Zhongxin Finance that although sufficient preparations have been made to avoid gatherings of people on site, for example, the theme restaurant will send additional service personnel; the gifted peripheral products will be sent to the customer's designated address by mail; the theme store will set up an online queuing function. Wait, but consumer enthusiasm is still far beyond expectations.

  In this regard, Pizza Hut said that it will continue to make optimizations according to the actual situation of the theme restaurant, such as actively adjusting the business model and time to prevent people from gathering, and some theme restaurants temporarily only provide delivery services; continue to dispatch more manpower to maintain the scene order and remind Everyone should protect themselves, and guide consumers to understand the relevant information of reservation and queue through "enterprise WeChat", and experience off-peak.

In addition, the Genshin posters limited to theme restaurants will also be printed to meet the needs of more consumers.

"Catering + IP" becomes the traffic password

  To outsiders, the buying boom set off by IP linkage seems incredible.

However, in recent years, "catering + IP" is becoming popular, and the "fan economy" attached to IP has gradually demonstrated strong consumer demands and purchasing power, and has become the "traffic password" of the catering industry.

  For example, the linkage between KFC and "Pokémon" in May this year made Duck Duck out of the circle.

In addition, many game and animation IPs such as "Onmyoji", "Tomorrow's Ark", "Full-time Master", "Knowing or Not, It Should Be Green, Fat, Red and Thin", "Story of Yanxi Palace", "Wandering Earth" and other popular movie IPs have also been catering The industry takes a fancy to, and has conducted cross-border marketing.

  In addition to selling linkage packages, many catering brands also pay attention to the creation of IP-linked theme restaurants to increase the distance with fans and provide fans with a certain social interaction space while consuming.

On a second-hand platform, the package coupons used to redeem the Pizza Hut linkage package were doubled for sale.

  IP activities have also stimulated the phenomenon of scalpers such as "eating on behalf" and "buying on behalf of others".

Zhongxin Finance noticed that on second-hand platforms, many scalpers sold all kinds of Genshin-limited peripherals at high prices, and the total price far exceeded the original price of the package.

Some scalpers directly doubled the sale of package coupons, or provided services of “eat” and “punch-in” at the store.

In the previous various IP linkage activities, the phenomenon of scalpers is also common.

  According to Zhu Danpeng, vice-chairman of the Guangdong Food Safety Promotion Association and an analyst of China's food industry, cross-border co-branding has become a trend. Facing the consumer psychology of consumers who like the new and hate the old, catering brands need to constantly innovate and constantly involve models. And iterative content, and "catering + IP" is a model worth trying in the catering industry.

  "It is difficult for a single catering brand to become a century-old brand, so how to please the new generation and satisfy the new generation is a problem that many industries, including the catering industry, have to solve." (End)