This Sunday, Austrian Chancellor Karl Nehammer called on the European Union (EU) to "decouple the price of electricity from that of gas" to bring it down, and affirms that this subject is on the table for a future meeting. emergency.

"The price of electricity must drop" and "Putin must not be left to decide every day" for the Europeans, said the Conservative head of government in a press release.

"Stop this madness"

“We have to stop this madness that is currently plaguing the energy markets”, added Karl Nehammer, saying that this was only possible within a European framework and not only nationally.

All of Europe is being hit by soaring energy prices and Czech Prime Minister Petr Fiala, whose country holds the EU presidency, announced on Friday that his country would convene an emergency meeting of energy ministers. Energy.

“The subject [of decoupling] will be on the agenda,” assured the Chancellor, who says he raised it upstream with his German counterpart Olaf Scholz and with Petr Fiala.

Prevent a cost explosion for the winter

After six months of war in Ukraine, energy prices in Europe had a crazy week with new highs on Friday, presaging an explosion in the cost of living next winter.

Several causes are at the origin of this explosion, starting with the drying up of Russian gas to European countries that support Ukraine.

Yet 20% of European electricity is generated by gas-fired power stations.

The crisis takes all of Europe by surprise, which was counting on post-Covid recovery plans to initiate an energy transition, in order to get out of fossil fuels that emit greenhouse gases, by developing renewables or hydrogen.


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