A reporter from China Securities News learned from the Ministry of Finance on August 19 that from January to July, a total of 3.47 trillion yuan (including part of the 2021 carry-over quota) has been issued for new special bonds by local governments across the country, and the quota of special bonds used for project construction The release has basically been completed.

Mainly used for municipal construction and industrial park infrastructure, social undertakings, transportation infrastructure, affordable housing projects, agriculture, forestry and water conservancy and other key areas determined by the Party Central Committee and the State Council.

  From January to July, all localities have arranged more than 250 billion yuan of special bond funds to be used as capital for major projects such as railways, toll roads, trunk airports, etc., which have actively played the role of government investment in "four liang allocations" and played a role in driving the expansion of effective investment. played an important role.

  The person in charge of the relevant department of the Ministry of Finance said that the risk of repaying special bonds on schedule is controllable.

In accordance with relevant policies and regulations, special bonds are repaid through local government fund income and special income, and refinancing bonds are allowed to be issued for eligible projects to repay the principal due.

As of the end of July, the principal of 533.2 billion yuan of special bonds that have matured this year has been repaid in full and on schedule, and the repayment risk is controllable.

  The above-mentioned person in charge said that in the next step, the Ministry of Finance will resolutely implement the spirit of the Politburo meeting, guide local governments to make good use of government special bond funds, make full use of the relatively small window period of local government bond issuance, and complete the issuance of new special bonds in 2022. Finishing work.

Accelerate the use of special bond funds, and in accordance with the requirements of "zero tolerance", urge local governments to speed up the management of special bond projects, and effectively prevent special bond risks.

At the same time, study and guide local governments to make full use of the special debt limit, revitalize the debt limit space in accordance with the law, and play an effective investment role.