China News Service, August 19 (Zhongxin Finance, Li Jinlei, Zuo Yuqing) Beijing medical insurance has ushered in a big change.

From September 1, the funds in the personal account will be used exclusively, and the insured cannot withdraw

  On August 19, the Beijing Municipal Medical Security Bureau issued a notice on adjusting the relevant policies of the city's urban employee basic medical insurance.

From September 1, 2022, the funds in the personal account are dedicated and cannot be withdrawn by the insured.

Personal account funds allocated before September 1, 2022 can still be withdrawn


  Why should personal account funds be used in a targeted manner?

According to the explanation of the Beijing Medical Insurance Bureau, in accordance with the national regulations on the management of basic medical insurance funds, the funds in individual accounts should be used for special purposes.

Through the gradual accumulation of funds in personal accounts, a medical reserve fund is formed to solve the burden of medical expenses of individuals and family members and enhance their ability to resist risks.

Through the mutual aid of family members to use personal accounts, the burden of family cash payment is reduced, and a new security mechanism of "I am for my family, my family is for me" is established.

  Zhongxin Finance noticed that before, the funds in the personal medical insurance accounts of employees in most regions could not be withdrawn, but Beijing can withdraw funds through a special passbook for medical insurance.

People withdrawing cash at a branch of Bank of Beijing.

Photo by Zuo Yuqing of Zhongxin Finance and Economics

Do I need to go to the bank to withdraw immediately?

  After the announcement that personal accounts could not be withdrawn from September 1, it has aroused widespread concern among insurance participants in Beijing.

Some insured personnel went to the Bank of Beijing branch to withdraw cash, and found that more people were withdrawing cash.

  So, is it necessary to show up before September 1?

no need.


the personal account funds that have been transferred to the special passbook for medical insurance before September 1, the insured personnel can still withdraw and use them at any time in the future


  Zhongxin Finance visited a branch of Bank of Beijing and found that in the business hall, many staff were busy explaining relevant policies to residents who came to inquire.

"It's just that you can't withdraw money after September 1st. You can withdraw money before September 1st at any time or as much as you want." A staff member told Zhongxin Finance, "The money after September 1st can be withdrawn. It can only be used for medical treatment and cannot be withdrawn.”

  "There are many people who come to withdraw money after hearing the news, and we will not stop it." The staff member said that there are currently a large number of people withdrawing money.

  Bank of Beijing also issued a "Letter to Customers of Beijing Personal Medical Deposit", reminding customers that the funds that have been credited to the medical deposit before September 1 can still be withdrawn normally at any time; after September 1, the funds in the medical insurance personal account will no longer be transferred. The medical deposit discount, which can also be used as an entrusted bank account bound by the insurance participation, is used for manual reimbursement, secondary reimbursement and other funds to be entered into the account, and it still needs to be properly kept.

Bank of Beijing issued "A Letter to Customers of Personal Medical Savings in Beijing".

Photo by Zuo Yuqing of Zhongxin Finance and Economics

The unit payment is no longer counted into the personal account

  In addition to the inability to withdraw funds from personal accounts, the method of crediting personal accounts has also changed, and unit payments are no longer credited to personal accounts.

  According to the notice, starting from September 1, 2022, all basic medical insurance premiums paid by on-the-job employees will be included in their personal accounts. Coordinate funds.

  The individual accounts of retirees will continue to be allocated by the overall fund according to the fixed amount. The specific allocation standards are: 100 yuan/month for those under the age of 70, and 110 yuan/month for those over 70 years old (inclusive).

Personal account can be used by family members

  The use of personal accounts has been expanded and can be used by family members.

  According to the notice,

from December 1, 2022, the personal accounts of insured persons can be used to pay the relevant expenses incurred by their spouses, parents, and children that meet the scope of the use of personal accounts


The spouses, parents and children of the insured persons shall be insured persons of the municipal basic medical insurance.

The insured should record and confirm the information of spouse, parents and children who can use their personal account.

  According to reports, starting from October 15, 2022, insured persons can apply for mutual aid use filing through the Beijing Medical Insurance Public Service Platform, the official website of the Beijing Municipal Medical Security Bureau, or the windows of agencies in various districts.

After the filing is successful, from December 1, 2022, the funds in the personal account can be used for mutual assistance.

  When spouses, parents, and children use the personal accounts of insured persons in designated medical institutions or designated retail pharmacies, they should use their personal accounts first, and then use other people's personal accounts in the order of filing.

Insured persons can also use their personal accounts to pay for the basic medical insurance and long-term care insurance for urban and rural residents in this city, and purchase supplementary medical insurance in this city for themselves or their spouses, parents, and children.

  Yang Yansui, a professor at the Institute of Hospital Management of Tsinghua University, believes that the essence of medical insurance is social mutual assistance, but the mutual assistance ability of personal accounts is poor, young people and healthy people cannot use it, and the elderly cannot use it. mutual aid.

Many places have implemented personal account family mutual aid

  Zhongxin Finance noticed that the General Office of the State Council issued the "Guiding Opinions on Establishing and Improving the Outpatient Mutual Assistance Mechanism of Employee Basic Medical Insurance" in April 2021, clarifying that personal accounts are mainly used to pay insured personnel in designated medical institutions or designated retail pharmacies. Out-of-pocket costs incurred within the scope of the policy.

It can be used to pay the personally borne medical expenses incurred by the insured person, their spouse, parents and children when they seek medical treatment in designated medical institutions, as well as the personally borne expenses incurred by the purchase of medicines, medical equipment and medical consumables in designated retail pharmacies.

  In addition to Beijing, many places have implemented the reform of mutual aid security for employees' medical insurance outpatient clinics, allowing individual accounts and families to help each other.

  For example, Shanghai can use family mutual aid funds to pay for medical expenses from August.

Data from the Shanghai Medical Insurance Bureau in early August showed that since July, more than 40,000 families in the city have voluntarily established a family mutual aid network, with a total of more than 110,000 family members.

From August, through data sharing and family mutual aid network, the insured can use his social security card (or medical insurance card) to see a doctor at a designated medical institution, or go to a designated pharmacy to dispense medicines. Feel free to pay.