In order to prevent car accidents caused by tires such as punctures while driving, a new system was developed that automatically detects conditions such as tire pressure using IT technology.

Problems such as punctures that can lead to traffic accidents are occurring all over the country, and according to JAF = Japan Automobile Federation, last year, the number of cases dispatched due to highway troubles in the 10 days of the Bon Festival is the largest.

In order to prevent such troubles and accidents, Bridgestone, the largest manufacturer, has developed a system that automatically detects air pressure and temperature by attaching a sensor to the tire wheel.

By linking a device installed in a truck or bus that records location information with a sensor, for example, if a nail is stuck in a tire while driving and the air pressure drops suddenly, the driver is notified and the driver leaves the vehicle. Notifications will also be automatically sent to operators in the same location.

The company plans to start providing services from next month.

Mr. Takaaki Kanabe, who planned the system, said, "I want you to use it as a support for inspections because you can quantitatively grasp information on air pressure and temperature."

In addition, tire manufacturers are continuing to research and develop systems that help prevent accidents, such as Yokohama Rubber's development of a sensor that detects the wear and tear of tires to prevent slip accidents.