Paris-Orly airport has returned to its pre-crisis attendance level by returning to 99% of July 2019 traffic, the manager of major Paris airports said in a statement on Tuesday.

If we combine the two major Parisian airports, Paris-Charles-de-Gaulle and Paris-Orly, their traffic once again increased significantly in July with 9.1 million passengers welcomed, i.e. 86.3% of Paris Aéroport traffic. in July 2019. For Paris-Orly alone, with 3.1 million passengers, traffic reached 99% of the level of July 2019, a crucial month for the sector, while with 6 million passengers, Paris-Charles -de-Gaulle returns to 81% of its pre-pandemic attendance during the same period.

International traffic goes around

International traffic at the two Paris airports is at 84.8% of the July 2019 level, with all destinations growing.

The Africa zone reached 99.6%, the Middle East 88.5% and North America 86.3%.

Traffic still remains weak to Asia-Pacific with 36.1% of the levels reached in 2019. Traffic to Europe is at 89;

5% towards France at 81% while that towards the DROM-COM reaches 110.7%.

At the level of the entire ADP group, including the airports of New Delhi, Antalya and Santiago in Chile, traffic reached 83.7% of July 2019 levels in July. Since the start of the year, the group welcomed 147.9 million passengers, i.e. 71.9% of traffic over the same period in 2019.


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