China News Service, August 17. On the 17th, the General Office of the State Council issued the "Opinions on Further Regulating the Formulation and Management of Administrative Discretion Benchmarks".

The "Opinions" proposed that it is necessary to accurately define the benchmark content of administrative discretion, reasonably refine the specific circumstances and quantify the range of fines in accordance with the law,

resolutely avoid arbitrary fines, strictly prohibit the use of fines to generate revenue, and strictly prohibit the use of fines for ranking or performance appraisal indicators.


  The "Opinions" require that the amount of fines should be clear and specific, and strictly limited to the statutory range, so as to prevent the punishment from simply being higher or lower; if the amount of fine is a multiple of a certain amount, it must be within the maximum limit. The order is divided between the multiple and the minimum multiple; if the amount of the fine has a certain range, the order should be divided between the maximum amount and the minimum amount, and the discretionary space should be compressed as much as possible.

If the punishment needs to be mitigated below the type or range of the statutory punishment, a strict evaluation shall be conducted, and the specific circumstances, applicable conditions and punishment standards shall be clarified.

(Zhongxin Finance)