With a "premium" public who, for large family cars, swears only by Germans, should we really be surprised by Maserati's failed attempt to break into this segment with the Ghibli?

However, this sedan, just under 5 meters long, was not lacking in charm.

Better, it put forward a real aesthetic personality.

The lack of brand image, the fear of average reliability and mechanics not really suited to the business market (the Ghibli MHEV is only a mild hybrid) will therefore end up getting the better of its future: the Ghibli will cease to be produced in 2024, after a career of just over 10 years.

The Maserati range will nevertheless retain a 4-door sedan with the future Quattroporte which will find more reasonable dimensions and in a way, will also succeed the Ghibli.

If an electric version will also be on the program, the Quattroporte should unfortunately say goodbye to the fabulous V8.

We can also wonder if there will be a model with a heat engine…


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