China News Service, August 13th. On the morning of the 13th, Wugu Dojo's official Weibo issued an apology statement, stating that due to serious staff errors when the official flagship store of Wugu Dojo's Douyin account edited and released the video, the "Happy Restart" poster in the video was on the The wake-up image is missing.

Apologize to Su Xing and fans.

Weibo screenshot

  On the afternoon of the 13th, the official Weibo issued a statement of apology again, announcing what happened and the results of the handling.

  Wugu Dojo said that the video was a recent hot spot "poster rejection", and the Douyin live broadcast team of Wugu Dojo also produced posters to support.

During the production process, because the official posters provided by the program team are in horizontal version, in order to adapt to the video, the poster needs to be adjusted from the horizontal version to the vertical version, so each brother is cut out one by one, and then arranged and generated.

Serious negligence in the process of the poster spelling, omission of awakening, and no such serious error was found when printing the poster.

The video is also posted without moderation.

Weibo screenshot

  Wugu Dojo stated that it has decided to suspend cooperation with the third-party live broadcast team, instruct the employees involved to terminate the labor contract, and suspend the Douyin live broadcast room for rectification, while improving the internal audit process to prevent similar incidents from happening.

(Zhongxin Finance)