Margaux Fodéré 6:15 a.m., August 14, 2022

Faced with the high temperatures that affect France during this summer period, rosé is the big winner this summer.

Fresher, lighter than beer or red wine, sales increased by 9.8% between May and July.

Europe 1 went to a wine merchant in the 15th arrondissement of Paris.


With a smile on her lips and a summer skirt, Audrey is a regular at this wine cellar.

Since the beginning of the summer, she has stopped there regularly to buy a bottle of rosé.

"To go with a barbecue, it goes well, it's the summer drink par excellence. It changes my habits, white wine. There, it's more rosé this year", she explains.

Three rosés in the top 10 of sales

Audrey is not the only one to love it this year.

Since May, one in two customers who pass the doorstep come for rosé.

Candice, wine merchant in the shop, noticed it.

"Each month, we will have about three rosés which are in the top ten of sales. Côte de Provence, we will also have Corsican rosé which we sell a lot here, also some Languedoc", she explains.


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For her, there is no mystery: it is the exceptional heat of this summer that boosts sales of rosé.

"Immediately, people no longer go for reds which are very sturdy. They will really seek the lightness and the slightly festive side of rosé. Consumption has increased quite a bit, people are going out quite a bit. We have a park right next to it so people often come and buy a small bottle and drink it in the park".

Affordable rates

In addition to being refreshing, rosé is also much more affordable than other wines: "We are going to be on bottles between ten and fifteen euros. So, we are not on excessive prices either. On bottles of red for example, we will rather be on a bottle with an average price between twenty and thirty euros, specifies Audrey.

Sales of red wine, unlike those of rosé, fell by 8.5% between May and July