[Rural Revitalization] Greenhouses have become a "treasure pot" for farmers in Xinjiang to increase their income

  [Explanation] Sufficient light and heat resources are changing the traditional agriculture in southern Xinjiang. The investment of large-scale smart greenhouses has eliminated the impact of extreme natural climate on local crops. From individual farmers' attempts to global layout planting, now in Shache County, Xinjiang Greenhouses in Kutqi Village, Charbagh Township have been produced on a large scale.

  Right now is the critical period for tomato growth. Villager Abdusamet Mamuti and his family are busy adjusting the vegetative growth and balance of plants to increase tomato production.

From learning greenhouse planting technology and management to contracting 10 greenhouses alone in 2020, family life and happiness have taken a qualitative leap.

  [Same period] Abdusemati Mamuti, a villager in Kutqi Village, Qalbagh Township, Shache County, Xinjiang

  I manage with my wife.

The village has arranged technicians to teach us scientific management. Last year, we earned 150,000 yuan. This year, we continued to grow tomatoes. Now the tomatoes are growing very well. I believe the income will be better.

  [Explanation] The clean planting environment of greenhouses and the opportunity for scientific and technological practice have become the first choice for more and more villagers to obtain employment.

Villager Tursunniaz Awuti said happily that the greenhouse is near his home, and he is not afraid of the sun or the wind and rain. He sorts fruits and vegetables with his sisters every day, and the days are very beautiful and fulfilling.

  [Same period] Tursuniyaz Awuti, an employee of the Jintianyuan Agricultural Products Farmers Professional Cooperative in Kutqi Village, Charbagh Township, Shache County

  I have been working in the cooperative for two years. My main job is to select vegetables and fruits. My monthly salary is 1,800 yuan. Now my income is stable and my life is getting better and better.

  [Explanation] Greenhouse planting enriches the fruits and vegetables on the table of southern Xinjiang people, and is also the main industry for local people to pursue a better life.

In Kutqi Village, Shache County, on the edge of the desert, 210 greenhouses and 1,000 arch sheds have been built.

Li Yong, the first secretary of the United Front Work Department of the Autonomous Region Party Committee in Kutqi Village, said that focusing on the development of the vegetable industry, greenhouse planting has become a booster for villagers to increase their income and become rich.

  [Same period] Li Yong, first secretary of the United Front Work Department of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Party Committee in Kutqi Village, Charbagh Township, Shache County

  Our village has entered a stage of rapid development.

At present, it has basically formed, and the whole industrial chain of vegetable planting from planting, to receiving, to processing, storage and sales has formed a real leading industry.

It is expected that the per capita income will increase by more than 20% this year, the collective income of the village is expected to reach 800,000 yuan this year, and the per capita income is expected to exceed 20,000 yuan.

  [Explanation] Today, pictures of beautiful harvests are drawn in the southern part of Xinjiang.

Agricultural practical technology training, agricultural new technology promotion, characteristic melon and fruit planting, and facility vegetables are prosperous. Farmers in southern Xinjiang have more employment options, their "money bags" are getting more and more powerful, and rural revitalization has more "confidence". People's lives are full of sunshine.

  Yang Tao, Wang Fangmir, Adili, Xinjiang Shache County

Responsible editor: [Song Fangcan]