The government plans to review the criteria for selecting operators through bidding for offshore wind power generation, which the government is focusing on introducing to realize decarbonization.

In order to ensure a stable supply of electricity, it is necessary to encourage early operation, so the new standard emphasizes the early start of operation.

Since last year, the government has held tenders for three offshore wind power projects off the coast of Akita and Chiba prefectures, but the major trading company "Mitsubishi Corporation" showed overwhelmingly low supply prices. A consortium of companies wins all three.

Under these circumstances, the government plans to review the evaluation criteria for selecting business operators in bidding, in order to encourage the entry of various business operators and develop related industries.

In light of the need to accelerate the introduction of renewable energy in order to secure a stable supply of electricity due to the impact of Russia's military invasion, the new standards will focus on early start-up. increase.

In addition, in addition to setting an upper limit on the size of power generation that one business group can bid on, if the price proposed by the business operator is below a certain standard, the evaluation will be the same and the entire project will be evaluated, not just the price aspect. I'm doing it.

In response to this government policy, there are voices that if too much emphasis is placed on the early start of operations, advance development activities will be induced and fair competition will not take place. We would like to decide on a new standard this fall while also referring to the opinions received.

“Offshore wind power generation is the trump card for introducing renewable energy”

Takahiro Ishii, Director of the Wind Power Policy Office, Agency for Natural Resources and Energy, said, "We believe that offshore wind power generation is a very important power source among renewable energy sources, and we see it as a trump card for the introduction of renewable energy. There are many projects. We believe that the entry of wind power companies into the market will create competition and reduce costs in the supply chain, which in turn will lead to lower electricity bills for consumers. I would like to have a better system for evaluation criteria."