ENEOS Holdings, the largest oil wholesaler, announced that chairman Tsutomu Sugimori resigned on the 12th due to personal reasons.

Chairman Sugimori served as chairman of the Petroleum Association of Japan, which is made up of oil wholesalers, but he will also resign from these outside positions.

According to the company's announcement, at the board meeting held on the 12th, there was an offer from Chairman Sugimori to resign, and it was accepted.

In addition, the representative director of ENEOS, a subsidiary, has also resigned.

The resignation is due to "personal reasons" on the 12th, but the company says that it cannot answer the detailed reason.

Mr. Sugimori is 66 years old.

In 2018, he became president of JXTG Holdings at the time, and since 2020 he has been Chairman Group Chief Executive Officer of ENEOS Holdings.

He also served as chairman of the Petroleum Association of Japan and vice-chairman of Keidanren's board of councilors in his business activities, but according to the company, Chairman Sugimori will resign from all such outside positions.