Children cost money - even if they are already out of the house.

It's usually not that easy to stand on your own two feet.

Siemens had to learn that too.

The energy technology business has been listed independently as Siemens Energy on the stock exchange since autumn 2020 and has therefore moved out, so to speak.

However, Siemens has not yet completely cut itself off from the former subsidiary, which has now become expensive.

The 35 percent block of shares had lost so much in value that a billion-dollar write-down was necessary and Siemens consequently posted a quarterly loss.

Siemens does not want to reduce its own participation for the time being.

After all, Energy is in the middle of taking over the subsidiary Gamesa.

The energy course cannot use any more uncertainty.

In addition, Siemens could not just let go completely at the moment anyway.

After all, mother and daughter are still connected, for example, through warranty obligations.

The medical technology business Healthineers, which is also listed independently, is a role model with convincing figures.

As the majority shareholder, Siemens can only count itself lucky.

You can't choose your family.