China News Service, Guangzhou, August 10th: Hong Kong youth Yangcheng Entrepreneurship hopes to create a smart and inclusive hearing aid solution for the hearing impaired reporter Wang Jian

  "I came to Guangzhou from Hong Kong to study at university and was attracted by the innovative and entrepreneurial environment in Nansha, Guangzhou. In 2021, I will set up a technology company here to create a smarter, more fashionable and more inclusive hearing aid product, and create a more comfortable and A more cost-effective hearing aid solution." Xiang Xiaoting, who started her own business in Guangzhou, told reporters on the 10th that she hopes to inspire young people from Hong Kong and Macau who are interested in starting businesses in Guangzhou through her personal experience, and encourage them to seize the development of the Greater Bay Area. opportunities and bravely pursue your dreams.

  "Nansha's development prospects, policies and atmosphere of encouraging entrepreneurship have left a deep impression on me. In addition, the brothers from Jinan University are here to assist us, so Nansha is my first choice for starting a business." Xiang Xiao Ting is now the founder of Guangzhou Perfect Human Technology Co., Ltd., dedicated to providing a smart and inclusive hearing aid solution for the hearing impaired. This year, she won the Guangdong Provincial Gold Award in the 8th China International "Internet +" College Students Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition.

  "As a child of an ordinary family in Hong Kong, my original idea was to have a university degree and find a stable job in Hong Kong." Xiang Xiaoting smiled.

However, in 2014, Xiang Xiaoting, who grew up in Hong Kong, resolutely left the city where she had lived for 19 years and set foot on the road of studying in Guangzhou alone.

  Xiang Xiaoting said that "entrepreneurship" has almost never appeared in her mind before. She has the most ordinary family. The living expenses of a family of five depend on her father who is engaged in the first-line construction industry. As the eldest sister, she knows the family well. Life was not easy. At the age of 15, she went to McDonald's to work to subsidize her academic expenses. Later, she studied at Jinan University, which gave her a new idea of ​​life.

"I think in addition to staying in Hong Kong and studying abroad, the mainland is also full of development prospects."

  Xiang Xiaoting told reporters that when she was a sophomore, she was transferred to study advertising at the School of Journalism and Communication, which allowed her active elements to be fully utilized.

He was recognized by his classmates in a classroom creative sharing, and was invited to start a business. With the mentality of giving it a try, he became one of the three co-founders of Guangzhou Dianye Culture Communication Co., Ltd. Since then, he has embarked on the road of entrepreneurship and never tire of it.

  "I'm really grateful for Jinan University's support and trust in our start-up team, allowing our company to implement the college student advertising festival business hosted by Jinan University in the early stage of business." Xiang Xiaoting recalled that they participated in the four advertising festival activities. In 2021, it participated in the establishment of the first Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area College Students Creativity Festival, and carried out deeper connection and cooperation with ASEAN countries in cultural creativity, academic exchanges, talent training and many other fields to jointly create an open, inclusive, balanced and universal Hui's regional cultural cooperation framework.

  Xiang Xiaoting told reporters that after four years of starting her business, she had accumulated a certain amount of experience in project operation. She decided to start again. With anxiety and anticipation, she set her sights on the hot land of Nansha, and established Guangzhou Perfect Technology here in 2021. Co., Ltd., is committed to providing inclusive smart hearing aids for the hearing impaired, and started a new project of "Zhenhui Ting" smart ear companions.

  Talking about the original intention of starting the company, Xiang Xiaoting said: "When I was working at McDonald's, I held a birthday party for a group of hearing-impaired children. I learned that hearing aids costing tens of thousands of yuan per pair put a lot of pressure on many families. Hope to have the opportunity to help them in the future.”

  For brand new projects and innovative companies positioned as self-produced and self-operated, Xiang Xiaoting's second venture is a complete transformation, but such an adventure makes her full of expectations and excitement.

  After a certain amount of research, Xiang Xiaoting and her team jointly developed the "Zhenhui Ting" smart ear companion, an inclusive smart hearing aid, from hardware to software to create a smarter and more beautiful product, hoping to serve special groups. Create more comfortable and cost-effective products.

  According to Xiang Xiaoting, the development of the project is not smooth sailing. It has gone through iteration after iteration, and honed one after another in entrepreneurial competitions. Now the product has entered the final phase of internal testing and is ready to be put into production.

"We hope to finally create a barrier-free network ecological environment and cost-effective hearing aids for the hearing-impaired," said Xiang Xiaoting.