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number of consumers purchasing expensive overseas famous brand products through online platforms has increased significantly.

However, it is not easy to exchange or return the product, and the return cost is too high, so complaints are growing.

This is reporter Jang Hoon-kyung.


Mr. Im, who purchased shirts and pants through an online luxury sales platform in May, still has the clothes in their packaging.

As soon as he received the product, the size was too large, so he requested an exchange or return, but the company refused because the product had already been shipped.

[Mr. Lim: The cost is close to 200,000 won, but I feel like I’m going to have a vase because I have clothes that aren’t even worth 20,000 won.] The

current e-commerce law requires exchanges and refunds within 7 days of receipt .

I was able to return it.

However, when the Consumer Agency investigated four luxury goods sales platforms, three of them restricted exchanges and returns for certain items or simply changed their mind, citing reasons such as overseas direct purchase products.

In addition, a condition was added that the period for requesting exchanges or returns for all companies under investigation should not be shorter than the legal period of 7 days or after receipt of an order or preparation for delivery.

In addition, the consumer has to bear the cost of return, saying that scratches and scratches are not defects of the product.

Some retailers have asked them to charge about 60% of the product price as a return fee.

[Mr. Kim / User of luxury platform: Just ask for 70,000 won (return cost) for the reason you ordered it.

(The product price is 120,000 won, but it is too expensive.]

[Kim Dae-jung / Director, Market Research Bureau, Korea Consumer Agency: Some platforms display product information only in foreign languages ​​or have small font size and screen size, so consumers have to check the contents on mobile. It

was difficult.]

In response to the complaints from the Consumer Agency, companies said that they had started improving work, such as removing restrictions on exchanges and returns, and setting an upper limit for return fees.

(Video coverage: Jeong Seong-hwa, video editing: Yu Mi-ra, VJ: Jeong Young-sam)