As the Chinese military conducts large-scale military exercises around Taiwan and the situation surrounding Taiwan is becoming tense, major Japanese shipping companies are avoiding the waters where the exercises are being held.

The three major shipping companies, Nippon Yusen, Mitsui O.S.K. That's it.

The company says it will continue to monitor the situation.

On the other hand, according to All Nippon Airways and Japan Airlines, there is no impact on flight operations, including direct flights to Taiwan so far.

Each company “monitoring the situation”

Katsuhiro Moro, senior managing director of automaker Mazda, said in a teleconference on the 9th that he said, "There is no impact at the moment, but there are geopolitical risks in Taiwan. Taiwan is a production base for more than half of the semiconductors used in all industries, not just automobiles worldwide. We will continue to monitor the development of the situation," he said.

Yoshihiko Katsukawa, Executive Officer of Kobe Steel, said at the financial results conference on the 9th, "Currently, logistics is not delayed or risks are becoming apparent. However, Taiwan is currently increasing production of semiconductors. There is a possibility that there will be some kind of impact in the future, such as a shortage of semiconductors, so we need to keep an eye on it."

At a regular press conference, Hiroya Masuda, president of Japan Post Holdings, said, "Currently, private air routes are secured and mail is being transported properly, but if military exercises are prolonged, we don't know what will happen. It is a major premise that safe air routes are maintained, so I strongly hope for that."