China News Service, August 10th, the cheongsam originated from China and is a world-renowned Chinese national quintessence.

On July 25, MINISO's Spanish Instagram account posted a post "Princess Doll Blind Box", in which the Chinese cheongsam doll was incorrectly translated as "Japanese geisha".

  On the evening of August 9, MINISO issued an apology statement saying that after receiving feedback from netizens, the headquarters asked the Spanish agency team to delete the post as soon as possible, and took punishment measures against the local social media agency operating agency. Terminated partnership.

  MINISO expresses its deep apologies for the information error when publishing product content on overseas social media and the emotional harm caused by this work error to the majority of netizens.

In this regard, introspect deeply and never do it again.

"We promise: We will further strengthen the management of the global agent system, especially the export of traditional Chinese culture, and strictly avoid the recurrence of such problems." (Zhongxin Finance)