The Hamburg-based private bank Joh Berenberg Gossler & Company KG has now also made adjustments to its investment banking workforce in London following the job cuts in the United States.

At the site there, around 30 of the approximately 500 employees have to go, as informed circles learned on Tuesday.

About 50 jobs were cut in the United States as recently as June.

A Berenberg spokesman declined to comment on staff changes in London, but said: "There are currently no other major changes in staff numbers beyond the usual adjustments that always take place."

Two months ago, Berenberg justified the job cuts in US investment banking by saying that the bank wanted to focus on its four strongest sectors in the future.

These are technology, industry, health and real estate.

The decision to cut jobs is also being driven by the difficult situation on the capital markets.

Last year, Berenberg's global workforce reached a new record of 1,703.

The newspaper "The Telegraph" was the first to report on the dismantling in London.

Berenberg also remains cautious when it comes to new hires.

"We have postponed the growth in staff planned at the beginning of the year due to the geopolitical events and developments on the markets," the spokesman continued.