In an interview with the Prime agency, the economist suggested that the United States could start a targeted decline in the dollar, followed by a depreciation in Latin American countries that depend on the US dollar.

Also, targeted weakening awaits the Hong Kong dollar and the Arab dirham.

Following the United States, devaluation may be resorted to in China, Japan and South Korea, Kuznetsov noted.

According to the expert, Russia also notes the disadvantage of the current ruble exchange rate, which should be weakened.

The devaluation will also affect the countries of the European Union.

Kuznetsov warned that the "currency war" could have tangible consequences.

“Gone out of control, it undermines the economy, disrupts the stability of the banking sector, leads to the impoverishment of the population,” the expert concluded.

Earlier, BitRiver financial analyst Vladislav Antonov, in an interview with FAN, commented on the situation in the foreign exchange market.