The same contradictions can be found in the resistance of business and society against the new Infection Protection Act as in the traffic light coalition.

On the one hand there are those who are propagating further restrictions so that the wave does not get out of control in the autumn.

The attitude that one cannot be too careful is represented by Health Minister Karl Lauterbach (SPD) and feels personally confirmed by it: Although he wears a mask carefully and has been vaccinated four times, he has become infected.

On the other hand, there are forces like Minister of Justice Marco Buschmann (FDP), who only want to accept restrictions on freedom and obligations if they make a significant contribution to combating the pandemic.

Buschmann calls wearing a mask, which plays a central role in the new rules, the “precautionary instrument with the best cost-benefit balance”.

Neutered 3G scheme

His side can also feel confirmed by Lauterbach's infection, because even strict caution cannot apparently prevent the infection.

And if it occurs, it can usually be survived well - provided that the vaccination protection is sufficient.

Merging these conflicting schools of thought into one law is tricky enough.

In addition, there is the tussle with the states, which demand a high degree of independence, but on the other hand uniform nationwide orientation - and as much money as possible from Berlin.

Because of all the disagreement, the new regulations have turned out to be extremely muddled and contradictory.

This does not explain why only elementary school students should not wear masks.

The neutered 3-G regulation for indoor catering, for cultural or sports facilities is completely quashed: Only those who have been "freshly" tested, vaccinated or recovered - or wear a mask - are allowed in.

Even the ministers admit that it will be impossible to tell these groups apart once they are admitted, just think of dark cinema or theater halls.

The suggestion that stickers be attached to clothing to distinguish them shows the absurdity of the plans.

Lauterbach is to be wished for a speedy recovery.

He will also have to heal his bill in many places.