On July 26, a screenshot of a document marked with Zhengzhou Housing Security and Real Estate Bureau released on July 20 was circulated on the Internet.

According to the document, the Zhengzhou Municipal Housing Management Bureau held a meeting recently to report on the "voluntary withdrawal of the project by leading housing companies". It supports the exit method of reforming the six modes of unified loan and repayment, mergers and acquisitions, bankruptcy and reorganization, and guaranteed housing leasing.

  On July 27, The Paper (www.thepaper.cn) learned from the real estate companies on the list that the Zhengzhou Municipal Government organized the Municipal Housing Administration and the district governments to hold a "seven key enterprises (Jianye, Xinyuan, Shimao, Kangqiao) , Greenland, Zhengshang, Sunac) at the Zhengzhou Project Situation Report” meeting, the main content of the report is combined with the document notice issued by the municipal government on June 15 on the “Related Models and Suggestions for the Virtuous Circular Development of Zhengzhou Real Estate”. The selection model of the 7 key enterprise projects (the shed reform, the unified loan and the repayment, the merger and acquisition, the bankruptcy and reorganization, and the affordable rental housing model) will be reported to the municipal government and the district governments at the meeting.

  The real estate company source said that the screenshot of the document is a screenshot of the material titled "Report on the Exit of Key Real Estate Enterprises in the City" by the Zhengzhou Municipal Housing Administration Bureau. , bankruptcy and reorganization, affordable rental housing model) collectively, not an exit project.

The original intention of the document is that the government plans to help the top high-quality housing companies in Zheng to solve the current difficulties, fulfill the national three guarantee requirements of "guaranteeing delivery, ensuring production, and protecting people's livelihood". For the owner, it is a good opportunity to solve the current temporary predicament and ensure delivery.

The first batch of 7 companies are the leading real estate companies that have been deeply involved in Zhengzhou for a long time.

  According to the information previously disclosed on the official website of Henan Asset Management Co., Ltd., on July 19, the party secretary and chairman of Zhengzhou Real Estate Group Co., Ltd., Wan Yongsheng, visited Henan Asset Management Co., Ltd., and the chairman of Henan Assets Cheng Dongmei and Wan Yongsheng and his party Talks were held.

  The two parties agreed that they will give full play to their respective advantages in professional teams and business resources, set up special classes for work, jointly set up Zhengzhou Real Estate Relief Fund, and participate in the revitalization of problem real estates and difficult real estate enterprises through asset disposal, resource integration, restructuring consultants, etc. Relief and other relief work, and actively make new contributions to the construction of Zhengzhou's national central city, the ecological protection and high-quality development of the Yellow River Basin.

The two sides also exchanged views on corporate governance, market-oriented mechanism construction, inefficient asset activation, industrial investment promotion, asset securitization, and the separation of "two non-two capitals".

  Up to now, the consolidated financial statements of Henan Assets have total assets of 36.1 billion yuan, net assets of 14.3 billion yuan, assets under management of 65.7 billion yuan, asset-liability ratio of 60%, accumulative acquisition of non-performing assets of 76.8 billion yuan, helping more than 20 financial institutions in Henan Province Cleared risks, revitalized more than 10 problem real estate, and helped more than 10 listed companies and problem enterprises to rescue and relieve the siege.