1 yuan ice cream is not extinct, wholesale stores have small profits but quick turnover

  This summer, "ice cream assassins" and expensive ice cream have become the core of daily topics among netizens.

A reporter from Beijing Youth Daily has made many reports on the high-priced ice cream in the ice cream retail industry occupying a large number of terminal markets.

With the increasing attention to this topic, a reporter from Beiqing Daily visited the market on July 23 and found that 1 yuan ice cream has not disappeared, and some community cold drink wholesale stores that only open in summer have become the "base camp" of cheap ice cream. On the Internet and in large supermarkets, there are also many "family pack" ice cream products with a single price of about 1 yuan.


Cold drink wholesale stores have more than fifty or sixty kinds of ice cream below 2 yuan

  "For wholesale, small puddings and old popsicles are 8 cents, ice + some flavors are 1.5 yuan, and ice factory and big red fruit are 5 yuan and 3. There is also this freezer, which is less than 2 yuan." A family in Tongzhou District In the community market, the stall that used to be in the dried fruit business has been transformed into a small ice lolly wholesale point with seven or eight freezers.

The owner said that there are also many cheap popsicles, many of which are brand-name products.

  In another community vegetable market, a reporter from Beiqing Daily noticed that among the more than 200 kinds of ice creams on sale at the cold drink wholesale store here, 16 are priced at 1 yuan and below, and 37 are priced between 1 and 2 yuan. .

The owner told the Beiqing Daily reporter that the batch of ice cream is 5 pieces, and the wholesale price is 80% to 10% off the listed price.

"There are about fifty or sixty varieties with a wholesale price of less than 2 yuan."

  In some large supermarkets, some family-sized ice creams cost only more than 1 yuan, and some are less than 1 yuan: 20-pack of Yili pudding 19.9 yuan, 10-pack of mini cute 12.9 yuan more , 10 sticks of Dehua original flavor 15.4 yuan, 6 sticks of bitter coffee 15.9 yuan and so on.

  Customers clearly like the cheap ice cream.

During the reporter's visit, a customer "emptied" all the small puddings in a freezer in a cold batch store and packed a box full of them.

There are also customers who come specifically to find big red fruits, old popsicles and so on.

These products are placed in the freezer that is closest to the boss and is also the outermost of the store.

And the second cold-approval store is just after ten thirty in the morning, and the four freezers in the store have been emptied by half.

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Selling seven or eight hundred sticks of ultra-high-priced ice cream with small profits but quick turnover in one day

  In fact, whether it is industry giants such as Yili and Mengniu, or specialized cold drink companies such as Zhongjie Bingdian, Hongbaolai, and Meiden, there are still many products under their banners of around 1 yuan.

So why is it difficult to find ice cream for less than 3 yuan in street shops?

  As early as the beginning of June this year, the reporter reported on the fact that there are fewer and fewer popsicles and ice creams below 3 yuan in the street store.

At that time, a store owner revealed to a reporter from Beiqing Daily, "It's not that we don't want to sell it. The store is only so big. If you put this one in the freezer, you will lose the other one." The owner of a small roadside supermarket It is said that selling a piece of ice cream that costs more than ten yuan can have a gross profit of 3 to 5 yuan.

However, the price of a cheap ice cream is often less than the gross profit of the expensive ice cream. It is clear at a glance who the store chooses.

The owners of some small supermarkets even told reporters that the sales volume of some cheap ice cream is not as large as imagined, and it is difficult to take the road of small profits but quick turnover.

  But after entering the hot summer, with the fermentation of topics such as "ice cream assassin", many citizens spontaneously began to look for cheap ice cream and popsicles, which also made many merchants willing to increase the purchase of cheap popsicles.

The reporter visited a number of cold drink wholesale stores and found that most of the customers who are accustomed to the "wholesale" purchase method of cold drinks are over 30 years old, and they usually buy for families.

Analysts said that such customers pay more attention to feelings, and prefer to consume classic ice cream products rather than early adopters.

As the age group of the customer group increases, the sensitivity to price will also increase. Therefore, the shipment of cheap ice cream in such stores is large, and it can maintain a relatively ideal profit.

  "Only old popsicles can sell half a freezer a day, seven or eight hundred pieces are no problem, and occasionally they will be sold out in advance." A store owner of a cold batch shop told reporters that although the number of freezers is limited, it is indeed expensive. However, after the summer comes, with the increase in the volume of cold drinks, the parity can lead to greater sales.

The total profit brought by this volume has exceeded the ice cream products with a retail price of 5 yuan.


Issue tickets for unmarked prices, Beijing investigates "ice cream assassins"

  A reporter from Beijing Youth Daily learned from the official website of the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Market Supervision on July 23 that in order to standardize the price order of the ice cream market and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, the three-level market supervision departments of the city, district, and institute in Beijing have been linked in a timely manner to regulate the ice cream market. Conduct inspections of market price behavior.

  During the on-site inspection, law enforcement officers focused on the combination of law enforcement and law popularization, and preached to the operators the "Regulations on Clearly Labeling Prices and Prohibiting Price Gouging" (Order No. 56 of the State Administration for Market Regulation) that will be implemented on July 1.

The Huangcun Town Market Supervision Office in Daxing District fined 7 ice cream operators 100 to 200 yuan respectively for violating the clearly marked price regulations.

The Shunyi District Market Supervision Bureau fined two individual industrial and commercial households 200 yuan each for not clearly marking the price.

The Chaoyang District Market Supervision Bureau fined 14 ice cream operators (legal entities) 2,000 yuan each, and 1 individual industrial and commercial household was fined 200 yuan for violating the clearly marked price regulations.

  The Beijing Municipal Market Supervision Comprehensive Law Enforcement Corps reminds consumers that when purchasing ice cream, if there is an unclear price tag, incomplete price tag, or misalignment of the goods label, they can promptly ask and remind the staff, or call 12315 to file a complaint and report. Safeguard your own legitimate rights and interests.

  In the future, the market supervision department will continue to increase the inspection of people's livelihood-related commodities, strictly investigate and punish price violations such as price gouging, and disclose typical cases to the public.

Text/Coordinator Zhang Xin, reporter of this newspaper/Yu Meiying