After 6 years, Jay Chou's new album is finally "beginning" among fans.

However, after the release of the playlist, Jay Chou and his new album have changed from hot discussion to controversy.

  new album pre-sale

  500,000 copies sold in 15 minutes

  Jay Chou's fifteenth new album "The Greatest Work" will be officially released on July 15th, and on July 6th "The Greatest Works" will premiere the MV "The Greatest Works / GREATEST WORKS OF ART" with the same name, 7 On March 8, the new album has been pre-sold on major music platforms, and 500,000 copies were sold in just 15 minutes.

At that time, the official price of the new album was 30 yuan, which caused heated discussions. Some netizens directly ridiculed that "The Greatest Work" was "the most expensive album".

  When the song list of "The Greatest Work" was released, netizens discovered that 6 of the 12 songs on this new album were old songs that had been released before, which caused controversy.

  5 yuan a song

  above market price

  In fact, it is very common in the music world to include old songs on the new album.

Well-known music critic Lu Shiwei believes that what makes Jay Chou's new album questionable is not that it contains old songs, but that only 6 new songs are priced at 30 yuan, which is equivalent to 5 yuan per song, and the market price should be 3 yuan per song. .

  "He has neither released films frequently nor retired, and has been active in the entertainment industry in various forms, so everyone pays a lot of attention to him, and naturally they are full of expectations for his works." Lu Shiwei said, everyone's expectations If the value is too high, once you find that it is different from what you think, and you are eager to express your disappointment, it will be difficult to make an objective evaluation.

This also explains the irrational behavior of some netizens at the moment.

  Lu Shiwei said that when a singer releases an album, it is often a company behavior. As a singer, you can refer to the opinions of fans as to what albums and songs to release, but you don't have to do it completely according to the requirements of fans. "There is no reason for this."

  level online

  Practice is normal operation

  Li Guangping, a well-known musician, believes that Jay Chou's new album is still done in accordance with the conventional recording ideas, including several songs released in recent years, plus a few new songs that have not yet been released, and assembled into one album. This is the record company. The usual way of doing things, no doubt about it.

  Li Guangping believes that the new songs that can be heard at present have maintained Jay Chou's music level, and can even be said to be above the level, including the creation of the MV, which also proves that Jay Chou has strict control over the quality of his music, "From this aspect, I think it’s still worthy of fans. Of course, from the fans’ point of view, it is understandable to expect the new albums to be brand new works, but from the perspective of record production, Jay Chou’s actions are understandable.”

  Text / reporter Shou Penghuan