The summer seminar of the Keizai Doyukai, where business owners discuss the future of politics and the economy, has reached its final day, and as the situation in Ukraine becomes more tense and the global economy becomes more uncertain, human resources will be able to grow sustainably. We have adopted a declaration that we should promote the utilization of nuclear power plants for liquidation and stable supply of energy.

About 30 managers participated in the summer seminar of Keizai Doyukai held in Karuizawa Town, Nagano Prefecture on the 8th of the last day.

Discussions were held on the theme of future Japanese policy issues, and attendees said, "Support measures for price increases are necessary, but long-term growth strategies are required to be implemented rather than so-called" dispersal "." In order to get out of growth, we should thoroughly reform our business and innovate, and hurry to discuss issues related to energy and electricity. "

Based on these discussions, the final declaration was adopted at the seminar, and while the global economy is becoming more uncertain due to the tightening situation in Ukraine, the mobilization of human resources, the enhancement of investment in human resources, and the enhancement of investment in human resources for sustainable growth, and , Called for the promotion of utilization of nuclear power plants for stable energy supply, and closed.

At a press conference after the seminar, Secretary-General Sakurada said, "Unless we let go of our former successful experiences, we cannot change the current situation in Japan. I hope that such momentum will increase after the Upper House election."