China News Service, July 7th. According to the website of the Ministry of Commerce, 17 departments including the Ministry of Commerce recently issued the "Notice on Several Measures to Invigorate Automobile Circulation and Expand Automobile Consumption" (hereinafter referred to as "Several Measures").

The "Several Measures" focuses on supporting the purchase and use of new energy vehicles, activating the used car market, promoting automobile renewal consumption, supporting parallel import of automobiles, optimizing the environment for automobile use, and enriching automobile financial services. It proposes 6 aspects and 12 policy measures.

  One is to support the purchase and use of new energy vehicles.

Regions are not allowed to set local new energy vehicle model filing catalogs and other requirements.

Study the issue of extension after the expiry of the new energy vehicle vehicle purchase tax exemption policy.

In-depth development of new energy vehicles to the countryside activities to promote the consumption and use of new energy vehicles in rural areas.

Accelerate the construction of charging facilities and improve the convenience of charging.

Guide charging pile operators to appropriately reduce charging service fees to reduce vehicle use costs.

  The second is to speed up the activation of the used car market.

It is proposed to cancel the unreasonable restrictions on the development of second-hand car distribution, and clarify that enterprises whose registered domicile and business premises are outside the second-hand car trading market can carry out the second-hand car sales business.

It is clarified that car sales companies will account for the second-hand cars purchased and used for sales according to the "inventory commodity" subject, which is consistent with the accounting treatment method of new cars, and optimizes vehicle registration management.

Clearly cancel the restriction on the move-in of small, non-operating used cars that meet the National V emission standards across the country.

It is required to improve the management regulations related to the registration of used car transactions, and promote the transformation and upgrading of the industry and make it bigger and stronger.

  The third is to promote automobile renewal consumption.

Encourage all localities to comprehensively use economic, technological and other means to promote the withdrawal of old vehicles, and areas where conditions permit can carry out car trade-ins to accelerate the elimination and replacement of old vehicles.

Improve the recycling and utilization system of scrapped motor vehicles, and support qualified enterprises to obtain the qualification for recycling scrapped motor vehicles; clarify that the nature of the land used for enterprise construction projects is in principle industrial land, and for enterprises that have obtained qualifications and projects under construction, the land will be used according to the determined purpose. .

  The fourth is to promote the sustainable and healthy development of parallel import of automobiles.

After reporting and filing a work plan for parallel import of automobiles at the import port of automobiles, the business of parallel import of automobiles can be carried out.

Enterprises are allowed to make commitments to meet vehicle emission standards, and continue to implement relevant policy requirements for on-board diagnostic system (OBD) tests and data information of parallel imported vehicles in the process of environmental protection information disclosure.

  The fifth is to optimize the use environment of automobiles.

Strengthen the construction of urban parking facilities, and actively expand new parking facilities in combination with urban renewal actions such as the renovation of old urban communities.

Reasonable use of civil air defense projects, underground space in parks and green spaces, etc., to tap the potential and build additional parking facilities.

All localities will improve and perfect the parking charging policy, and strengthen the policy support for the use of funds and land.

Develop automobile cultural tourism and other consumption, and support the construction and operation of automobile sports events, automobile self-driving sports camps and other projects in terms of land use.

Research and formulate the conditions for the identification of traditional classic vehicles.

  Sixth, enrich auto financial services.

Encourage financial institutions to increase credit support for auto consumption, develop auto financial leasing in an orderly manner, and increase the supply of auto financial services.

(Zhongxin Finance)