[Economy 365]

An analysis came out that 22% of the nationwide house prices that rose last year were the effect of the increase in house prices in Gangnam.

As a result of the analysis by the Bank of Korea Price Research Team and Trend Analysis Team, the influence of 11 house prices in the Gangnam area on the national price was analyzed with an average of 21.9%.

If the house price in Gangnam increased by 1 percentage point, it had the effect of increasing house prices by 0.4 percentage points in Gangbuk, 0.48 percentage points in the metropolitan area, and 0.15 percentage points in metropolitan cities excluding Incheon.

Therefore, the research team advised that when setting up a real estate policy for a specific area, the effect of moving to the surrounding area should also be considered.


Domestic shipbuilders recaptured the world's number one ship orders in the first half of this year for the first time in four years.

The Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy announced that Korean companies accounted for 45.5% of global ship orders in the first half of this year, beating China at 43.4%.

In particular, for high value-added ships such as LNG carriers and container ships, 62% of orders were received by Korean companies.


With the development of the robot industry, a robot type of massage chair has also appeared.

Bodyfriend, a massage chair manufacturer, announced that it has developed a new massage chair Phantom Robo that moves both legs to massage the pelvis and hamstring muscles.

Bodyfriend explained that it would expand its business to provide personalized health services by collecting and analyzing various biometric information at the same time as receiving a massage.


Group tours in Japan have resumed after two years and five months since the corona crisis.

Hana Tour announced that a group of about 20 tourists departed for Tokyo yesterday (6th), and will return home on the 8th after completing a 3 day 2 night tour.

Group tours in Japan were allowed by the Japanese government last month, but it took about a month to actually depart due to visa issuance and preparation.