According to the author of the material, the population in Europe is being prepared for "painful consequences."

So, for example, on June 8, a gas liquefaction plant was closed in Freeport Texas due to a fire: a downtime threatens Europe with a decrease in fuel supplies by 2.5%.

European countries lost another 7.5% when Gazprom announced a reduction in gas supplies through Nord Stream to 40% of the pipeline's throughput.

The Economist shared their fears that after stopping for scheduled maintenance in July, Nord Stream will not resume operation, and Europe will enter with gas reserves of about 60% of the required volume. 

“Europe has not yet been lucky in the energy war with Russia.

If it is necessary for the light to remain on until spring, the situation must change, ”the publication concluded.

On June 9, Russian gas supplies via Nord Stream were reduced due to planned technical work.

According to Gazprom, the supply volumes were limited due to the untimely return of equipment from repair by Siemens.

After that, Gazprom announced that it was stopping the operation of another gas turbine engine of the German concern Siemens at the Portovaya CS.

German Vice-Chancellor, Economics and Climate Protection Minister Robert Habeck said that Germany could face rolling power outages to utilities due to gas shortages.