The average price of technical control has remained rather stable in recent years, according to a study conducted by the comparator

Excluding promotion, it amounts to an average of 78.52 euros in June for a thermal private vehicle (gasoline or diesel) with two-wheel drive, indicates


, which relays the results of the study.

In 2018, motorists had to pay an average of 77.62 euros.

This represents an increase of 1.16% in four years, therefore lower than inflation.

The increase had been violent with the 2018 reform. “Our barometer revealed a historic surge in prices, around 12%.

Since then, this increase seems to have stalled despite the current inflationary context.

It is both unprecedented and surprising, ”points out the study.

Prices down in 24 departments

There are significant disparities between territories.

Thus, in some departments, the price of control has fallen.

This is the case in Aude (-4.61%), Loiret (-3.59%), Landes (-3.19%) and even Hautes-Alpes (-2.14%).

Nearly 25 departments are affected by these price reductions.

In other departments, however, prices increased as in Indre-et-Loire (+8.44%), in Corrèze (+5.51%) or in Sarthe (+4.75%).

The biggest increases concern the overseas departments.

The price of a control in Martinique has increased in four years by 12.92%, and by 11.48% in Guyana.

The increase is more measured in Guadeloupe (5.98%).

A record for Haute-Savoie

It is in Haute-Savoie that the visit is the most expensive with an average price of 97.49 euros in June.

Southern Corsica also has a very high price (92.80 euros).

The most affordable departments are Loiret (69.64 euros), Moselle (67.09 euros), Loire (69.59 euros), Ariège (68.87 euros) and Pas-de-Calais ( €69.96).

How can these disparities be explained?

This is because prices are not set by the state.

“Each center freely sets its prices, depending in particular on local competition,” explains the comparator


The technical control of two-wheelers must be in place by October 1, 2022, decides the Council of State


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