The price of "Beaujolais nouveau", a new French wine to be sold this fall, is expected to increase from last year.

According to Suntory, the importer, the main factor is the rise in transportation costs, such as the detour of air transportation routes due to the invasion of Ukraine by Russia.

"Beaujolais nouveau" is a new wine made from grapes harvested that year in the Beaujolais district of Burgundy, France, and its sale is lifted on the third Thursday of November every year.

Regarding this, Suntory, one of the importers, has revealed that the retail price of "Beaujolais nouveau" to be sold is expected to rise 2.2 times from 1.4 times last year.

In the case of the main product, 750 ml of red wine, the price is expected to increase by about 1000 yen from 2480 yen last year to 3500 yen, excluding tax.

Regarding the reason, in the company, due to the influence of Russia's invasion of Ukraine, the route of air transportation through Russia's airspace is restricted and it becomes a detour, and the influence of high crude oil prices also overlaps, and the transportation cost has risen significantly. It is said to be the main factor.

Also, Mercian, the importer, said, "Because it is before the official announcement, I will refrain from commenting on the price, but it is a fact that it is affected by the soaring transportation costs."

The impact of Russia's invasion of Ukraine is likely to extend to the prices of imported wine.