Editor's note: Every Chinese who works hard to live is the most beautiful struggler.

It is precisely because of hundreds of millions of strugglers that China is today.

For ten years, pay tribute to every struggle of you.

Let us work together to forge ahead in the new era, and work hard towards the future.

  [Explanation] After graduating from university, Huang Yujia, a post-90s Zhuang girl in Guangxi, resolutely bid farewell to the big city, returned to her hometown to start a business, and developed the ecological Chinese herbal medicine planting industry, vowing to turn Dayao Mountain into a mountain of gold and silver.

Recently, the reporter approached Huang Yujia and listened to her talk about her "no love" with Dayaoshan.

  [Explanation] In 1992, Huang Yujia was born in the Long Team of Shanglu Village, Lalie Town, Du'an Yao Autonomous County, Guangxi.

The rocky mountains here, nine points of stone and one point of soil, used to be the "extremely poor corner" of Guangxi, which was the worst in the world.

Due to the poverty of the family, Huang Yujia was only 9 years old and entered the first grade of primary school.

In 2009, Huang Yujia was admitted to a local key high school with excellent results.

Because of her mother's serious illness and family difficulties, Huang Yujia finally chose to study in a secondary school in Nanning.

In 2012, Huang Yujia struggled to complete his studies and entered the toll station of a highway in Nanning.

However, there were unforeseen circumstances. In the same year, three of Huang Yujia's close relatives died of illness one after another, leaving behind hundreds of thousands of yuan in foreign debts.

  [Commentary] In order to pay off her debts as soon as possible, Huang Yujia said goodbye to her stable job as a toll collector and began to work hard to make money to pay off her debts. She worked in sales, went to construction sites, and set up stalls in the rain... In the autumn of 2015, Huang Yujia resolutely decided to bid farewell to the big city and return to her hometown to start her own business.

After many investigations, investigations, and reflections, Huang Yujia decided to take advantage of poverty alleviation and take advantage of the rich mountain resources in his hometown to develop the ecological Chinese herbal medicine planting industry.

  [Concurrent period] Huang Yujia, legal person of agricultural economic development professional cooperative in Shanglu Village, Guangxi

  The first one is to say that our hometown is so poor, and then I want to change my hometown, and then change my hometown by doing business.

The second thing is that there is such a big thing in my family, I also want to come back to do this thing, and then accompany my father, and then go through my own efforts, and then go to make the whole family better.

  [Explanation] Everything is difficult at the beginning. In the early days of the business, when there was no money to hire workers, she and her father worked alone. For 5 months, the father and daughter reclaimed and leveled more than 70 acres of land with their hands; Self-built ropeway, carried on shoulders, and worn 9 pairs of gloves in 5 days... Hard work pays off. In 2016, the 50 mu of Uncaria vines planted by Huang Yujia had a good harvest, and there were more than 40,000 yuan in that year. income.

Subsequently, Huang Yujia registered and established the "Guangxi Shanglu Village Agricultural Economic Development Professional Cooperative" to teach the people planting techniques and lead the villagers to become rich.

  [Concurrent period] Huang Yujia, legal person of agricultural economic development professional cooperative in Shanglu Village, Guangxi

  It is a dream since I was a child to help my fellow villagers get rich. I want to work hard to start my own business, create my own world, and then help many people.

  [Explanation] During the period, the cooperative also encountered setbacks such as the waste of funds for buying fake seedlings and the default of cooperative companies.

Getting into trouble repeatedly, Huang Yujia never thought of giving up.

In her spare time, she also took time to exchange and study at the Science and Technology Achievement Transformation Center of Guangxi Academy of Agricultural Sciences.

After the local official on-site investigation and inspection, they also actively supported Huang Yujia to develop characteristic industries, building water tanks, erecting and opening circuits, and building industrial roads to help him solve the urgent need for the development of the base.

  [Concurrent period] Huang Yujia, legal person of agricultural economic development professional cooperative in Shanglu Village, Guangxi

  When I just returned to my hometown to start a business, the road and water were blocked, and now the government has helped me build 1.5 (km) of new roads, and the single-hardened road is also 1.2 kilometers long, and then helped me build a 300-cubic pond, and then the Shenzhen enterprise There they also helped me with 170,000 yuan to buy water pipes for me to drink.

  [Explanation] At present, Huang Yujia's base of more than 450 acres has grown crops such as Evodia, agarwood, cat beans, and longevity tea.

The herbal planting base will enter a prolific period in 2024, with an estimated annual output value of more than 4.5 million yuan, which can directly or indirectly increase the income of 150 households.

Huang Yujia hopes that more and more young migrant workers and college students can return to their hometowns to start businesses, devote themselves to the cause of rural revitalization, and contribute to the construction of a beautiful hometown.

  [Concurrent period] Huang Yujia, legal person of agricultural economic development professional cooperative in Shanglu Village, Guangxi

  I still hope that more young people will come back to build their hometowns, help more people, and then use these available resources to do more meaningful things for the people.

  [Explanation] The once majestic Yaoshan Mountain is now a paradise for getting rich, and a harmonious picture of the charming countryside is slowly unfolding in Yaoshan Lane.

  Reporter Zhang Guangquan Yang Qiang Chen Guanyan reports from Hechi, Guangxi

Responsible editor: [Luo Pan]