Seeing that she suddenly ranked No. 1 on Weibo's hot search and Douyin's hot list, Xiao Yue was so happy that she didn't sleep well all night.

  More than two months ago, she returned to her hometown in Hujia Town, Longchang, Sichuan, to help her parents sell fish. In order to "have an extra income", she started making short videos and live broadcasts, and insisted on live broadcasting the process of killing and slicing her own fish every morning.

Since the live broadcast for a period of time, the number of viewers has increased from a few people per game to tens of thousands, and sometimes even more than 100,000.

  After the explosion, although most netizens believed that she was skilled in killing fish and slicing in the video and live broadcast, and earning money through labor was beautiful; but some netizens questioned that she was hyping herself, and even pointed out that she had a planning and operation team behind her.

  On July 4, Xiaoyue responded in an interview with reporters that she had never thought of being an "Internet celebrity" before, and she also refused to be packaged by an "Internet celebrity company".

Behind her, there is no team, only a family who supports her.

  Talking about her popularity because of her "good looks", Xiaoyue said that this needs to be treated with a normal heart. It is the most beautiful to complete the work while loving beauty. She is just trying to make her life better. There is a sense of security, and beauty is not worth mentioning.”

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  3 minutes to kill and slice

  At about 9 am on July 4, after the live broadcast at the farmers' market in Hujia Town, Longchang City, Xiaoyue told reporters that the 25-year-old had previously worked in Chengdu, Chongqing, Neijiang, Zigong and other places, mainly in the catering industry.

Her parents have been selling fish at the farmers' market in their hometown for a decade or two.

  "Outside, I don't feel well developed, and I often care about myself at home." Xiaoyue said that in October last year, she returned to her hometown to help her parents sell fish.

Because she helped her parents sell fish since she was a child, she started helping to kill fish occasionally seven or eight years ago. Over the years, she gradually learned to kill fish and slice it.

  She said that the slaughtering and slicing of a normal-sized fish can be completed in about 3 minutes, and the largest fish that has been killed weighs 70 to 80 kilograms.

"Such a big fish, one person can't kill it, it needs several people."

  "Before I came back, my father mainly killed the fish." Xiaoyue also said that after she returned home, she was mainly responsible for killing the fish, her mother was responsible for weighing and collecting money, and her father purchased and delivered fish.

Every morning at 5 o'clock, she would get up to prepare, come to the store at 6 o'clock, and be busy until 11 o'clock.

"Usually it sells more than 100 catties a day and kills dozens of fish. On special days such as wine and the Spring Festival, it will sell a few hundred catties."


  Live streaming is just for extra income

  When it comes to live broadcasting, Xiaoyue said that her family earns five or six thousand from selling fish each month, and she started live broadcasting just for "an extra income".

"I never thought about being an internet celebrity, and wanting to be a big hit." She said that since the broadcast in April, she has broadcast live broadcasts for about 2 hours almost every morning for more than two months.

The number of people entering the live broadcast room has gradually increased from a few people at the beginning to dozens, hundreds, tens of thousands, and at most 100,000 people.

In addition, she also updates short videos on Douyin, the content is mostly related to selling fish, and the maximum playback volume of a single video is more than 3 million.

  Xiaoyue is named "Sister Yu" on Douyin. The platform shows that since April 27, Xiaoyue has been broadcasting live broadcasts for about two hours almost every morning. Among the 41 short videos, the highest number of likes exceeds 70,000.

  Faced with questions from netizens, Xiao Yue said that she has no team behind her.

"If you want to talk about the team, it's family." She usually does the live broadcast alone, and her cousin helps her shoot and simply edit some videos, which she posts on Douyin, and relatives help to "like".


  Will consider bringing the goods, "it's a pity not to"

  "Every day after killing fish, my hands are sore." Xiaoyue said, not only that, because she sometimes does not wear gloves, she is sometimes scratched by fish scales.

A few days ago, because of the power outage in the store, she killed fish halfway and suffered from heat stroke. Her mother bought Huoxiangzhengqi liquid for her to drink.

"In winter, there are frostbites on the hands, and the water is very icy, and the hands are numb."

  Xiaoyue revealed that some manufacturers had asked Xiaoyue to bring goods before, but she didn't think about it and did not agree.

"I won't have a lot of ideas because I'm popular. Even if I have ideas, I'll continue working for the time being."

  Talking about whether to bring goods in the future, Xiaoxiaoyue said that she will consider it while the heat is hot, "It's a pity not to bring it."

As for now, Xiao Yue said that she just wants to finish her work quietly and try her best to make her life better.

(At the request of the parties, Xiao Yue is a pseudonym)

  Chengdu Business Daily-Red Star News reporter Yao Yongzhong