Remaining tax rebates: Seeing actual results and increasing confidence

  Our reporter Wang Guan, "People's Daily" (18th edition on July 4, 2022)

  This year, my country has implemented a large-scale value-added tax credit and refund policy.

At present, how is the implementation of the tax refund policy?

How do market players feel?

The reporter conducted an interview.

  Helping market entities to solve difficulties

  "The tax rebate is like timely rain, helping us survive the most difficult days." An Shuangshuang, a tax officer of Chongqing Meifeng Qin'an Automobile Drive System Co., Ltd. admitted frankly that at the beginning of this year, the company was stepping up the research and development of a new hybrid system. It has not yet come out, cannot generate income, and the cash flow is very tight.

"As a small and micro enterprise, we can't wait to split every penny in half. At the critical moment, we received a tax refund of 180,000 yuan, which relieved the urgent need." An Shuangshuang said.

  This year, my country has implemented a larger-scale tax refund policy, which has eased financial pressure for many enterprises, especially small and micro enterprises.

From April 1st to June 25th, 1,703.3 billion yuan of tax refunds have been refunded to taxpayers' accounts. In addition, the previously introduced tax refund policy has continued to be implemented in the first quarter, and a total of 1,826.6 billion yuan of tax refunds have been refunded to taxpayers. person account.

Among them, small and micro enterprises are the beneficiaries.

  The tax rebate policy will help the difficult industries such as tourism and civil aviation, which have been greatly affected by the epidemic, help them tide over the difficulties.

  "Since the beginning of this year, we have been affected by the epidemic and closed the park for several months. During this period, there was no ticket revenue, and there were a lot of expenses such as maintenance and labor costs. Thanks to the 16.32 million yuan in tax refunds, it helped us survive." Henan Ai Xu Jing, the financial director of Sijia Agricultural Tourism Development Co., Ltd., said, "The funds ensured the payment of wages for more than 300 employees, as well as the payment of construction costs and loan interest. Before the park opened in April, the company also opened a dinosaur park, children Agritourism and tourism projects such as paradise, agricultural product picking, etc.”

  Helping market entities to solve their difficulties, the policy effect of tax rebates is prominent.

Recently, the State Council has deployed and implemented a package of policy measures to stabilize the economy, and implemented the full amount of existing and incremental tax rebates in more industries. Financial pressure of difficult enterprises.

  "The tax rebate policy has been expanded, and we expect to be able to apply for a tax rebate of more than 4 million yuan in stock." said Xian Minglou, financial director of Yunnan Zhaotong Chaoyue Agriculture Co., Ltd., "Agricultural enterprises have a long investment cycle and great financial pressure. It is a critical period for planting again, and a large amount of funds are used. With this money, agricultural production and the construction of research institutes in the second half of the year can be smoothly advanced."

  Wang Shouen, head of Gansu Baiyin Xingshunyuan Trading Co., Ltd., said: "We plan to apply for tax rebates immediately after the expansion of the policy. When the remaining tax rebates arrive in the account in July, we will supplement the company's cash flow and make the company operate faster."

  "Expanding the scope of industries under the tax rebate policy will further release policy dividends and solve the financial difficulties of more industries and market players. The seven newly added industries are closely related to people's livelihood, and they will be given full tax rebates to alleviate the problem. The cash flow pressure of enterprises will also help to better stabilize employment and protect people's livelihood." said Li Xuhong, a professor at Beijing National Accounting Institute.

  Reducing costs for market entities is more conducive to stimulating vitality and increasing motivation

  A recent sample survey conducted by the tax department shows that enterprises mainly use the tax rebate funds for expanding production, technology research and development, and paying salaries.

Experts said that my country's vigorous improvement of the tax refund system will not only help reduce the cost of capital occupation of enterprises, but also help release the vitality of market players and increase development momentum.

  ——There is confidence in expanding production.

  "The tax rebate of 70.29 million yuan will soon arrive, which greatly eases the company's financial pressure." Zhang Xuan, the financial director of Xinjiang Urumqi Underground Comprehensive Pipe Gallery Investment Management Co., Ltd., said that the electric power corridor construction project undertaken by the company requires a large amount of investment in the early stage. , The operation cycle is long, and the financial pressure is not small.

With this tax rebate, the company will accelerate the construction of the underground integrated pipe gallery project to provide guarantee for the construction of power supply infrastructure for key projects.

  - Firmly confident in innovation.

  "A lot of money was spent on early research and development, and the loan progress was slow, but we only needed to weld four arches to successfully develop it." Gong Gang, head of Fute Intelligent Equipment (Chongqing) Co., Ltd., said that because of funding problems, research and development has been On and off.

  After the implementation of the retained tax refund policy, the company immediately applied for a refund of more than 530,000 yuan of retained tax refund.

"We used the tax rebate to buy 2 sets of test equipment and more than 10 tons of production materials, and restarted the suspended R&D project. The next step is to concentrate on tackling key problems. We are very confident in the project." confidence.

  ——Take a new path for transformation and development.

  "Affected by the epidemic, the company's operating income in the past two years has decreased by nearly 50% compared with 2019." Mr. Xu, the person in charge of Guangdong Guangken Tropical Agricultural Park Co., Ltd., admitted the pressure, but he firmly believes that there is a way out through active transformation.

  "We will make good use of more than 1 million yuan in tax rebates to broaden the road of diversified development. I believe everything will be fine." Mr. Xu said that in the future, the scenic spot will focus on the development of tropical agriculture, planting organic guava, Carambola and other special fruits will also be built in a number of cultural and tourism projects such as farming cultural parks, waterfront parks, and amusement plazas to realize the deep integration of technology, tourism and agricultural reclamation elements.

  According to data from the taxation department, in May, the procurement expenditure of enterprises that received tax rebates across the country increased by 10.9% year-on-year, 3 percentage points faster than the first quarter, and 7.5 percentage points higher than that of enterprises without tax rebates.

The operating investment of tax-refundable enterprises rose steadily, and sales revenue in May increased by 10.6% year-on-year.

  Jiang Zhen, an associate researcher at the Institute of Financial and Economic Strategy of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, believes that the implementation of retained tax rebates will help solve the problem of corporate capital occupation caused by large-scale fixed asset purchases and long product turnover periods, and enhance the endogenous driving force for high-quality development in key areas. It is of great significance for stabilizing my country's industrial chain and supply chain and enhancing the resilience of economic development.

  Innovate the way, improve the service, track the effect, and enjoy the tax rebate policy directly

  Aggregate data, monitor the processing of each link in real time, and urge the district and county tax bureaus to issue income refund forms... After the introduction of the larger-scale tax refund policy, this process has become a daily basis for Chen Chao, deputy director of the Income Planning and Accounting Department of the Chongqing Municipal Taxation Bureau. 's required course: "We want to make sure that every tax refund is refunded quickly and well."

  Direct tax rebates are inseparable from the efficient cooperation of various departments.

In Chongqing, the Yuzhong District Taxation Bureau set up a "special class for tax refund work", and worked closely with the district finance bureau and financial departments to open green channels for enterprises with special difficulties, and designated special personnel to handle them; Fengjie County Taxation Bureau worked with the County Finance Bureau and the People's Bank of China Fengjie Sub-branch strengthens information sharing through the "three lists" system to improve the quality and efficiency of tax rebates...

  Since the beginning of this year, the tax department has adhered to the five measures of "quick refund of tax, relentless fight against fraud and refund, strict investigation of internal mistakes, welcome external supervisors, and continuous publicity", and implemented detailed and new combined tax and fee support policies, especially large-scale VAT retention. The tax credit and refund policy allows "real money" to reach enterprises as quickly as possible, helping to stabilize the macroeconomic market.

  Whether the tax refund policy is good or not, market players have the most say.

  ——Check the facts, listen to the truth, and understand the policy effects from the perspective of taxpayers.

The Xiamen tax department adopted the method of "random selection + targeted selection" to conduct questionnaire surveys and interviews on more than 150 enterprises of different industries, scales and registration types.

Each district tax bureau has established a working mechanism of "listening to appeals-improving measures-improving quality and efficiency", and through "grouping" door-to-door visits, telephone return visits, etc., to ask about the needs of the enterprise.

"The policies discussed by the tax officials are very suitable for us, and it can be seen that we have worked hard." Li Molan, general manager of the Finance Department of Fujian Xiamen C&D Group, said after participating in the policy briefing organized by the tax department.

  ——Provide suggestions and make ideas, and tax experience specialists will be the "quality inspectors" of tax and fee services.

Recently, many places in Sichuan have invited deputies to the National People's Congress, members of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, media personnel, and citizen representatives to serve as tax experience experts. From policy publicity to receiving tax refund materials, and the tax refund amount reaching the taxpayer's account, the whole process and close experience of convenient tax refund.

"The tax refund policy was introduced in a timely manner, and the tax staff provided intimate service and solid business. I believe it can provide market entities with more efficient, convenient and standardized tax and fee services." Leshan Solar Energy Research Institute, who was hired by Leshan Municipal Taxation Bureau as a tax experience expert Chang Jiang Ximeng said.

  The relevant person in charge of the State Administration of Taxation said that in the next step, the tax department will continue to follow up on the results, promote the continuous improvement of the quality and efficiency of tax service work, and ensure that the new combined tax and fee support policies such as tax refunds will be approved. Boost the confidence of market players and better promote high-quality economic and social development.