China News Service, July 3. According to the "Zhengzhou High-tech Release" on the evening of the 2nd, the "Yongwei Xitang" special team of the High-tech Zone stated that under the coordination of various parties, the funds embezzled by shareholders of 1.0115 billion yuan have been recovered and will be transferred to Zhengzhou High-tech Zone. The district management committee appointed a state-owned company to supervise the use of project funds. The recovered funds of 1.0115 billion yuan and subsequent sales revenue were all transferred to the supervision account under the name of the state-owned capital to ensure subsequent project construction.

Construction capital expenditures such as construction funds required for the project will be reviewed and initiated by the development enterprise, reviewed by the state-owned assets, and finalized by the “Yongwei Xitang” work class in the high-tech zone, and will be paid point-to-point from the state-owned assets supervision account to the construction party.

  At the owner's briefing meeting, the "Yongwei Xitang" special team of Zhengzhou High-tech Zone gave a detailed arrangement plan and exact delivery time for the follow-up project nodes of the "Yongwei Xitang" project.

The special team said that in the next step, it will actively coordinate the development enterprises to ensure the timely supply of materials for A, mobilize the general contractor to increase the construction personnel on site; start professional engineering design, bidding, and organize the subcontracting units to enter the site.

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  Earlier media reports, because the owners of this community include many doctors and high-level talents, it is called the "highest-educated real estate" in Zhengzhou.

(Zhongxin Finance)