Insurance companies refuse to repair the car malfunction in this case!!

The terms of the unified insurance policy set the conditions for the insurance company to repair malfunctions resulting from accidents, but sometimes the insurance company refuses to repair a malfunction resulting from the accident.

Car repair official in an insurance company, Mahmoud Fouad, says, "The repair of faults is related to what was stated in the accident planning report issued by the police, and any fault that appears after that is not included in the report, the insured is not entitled to repair it through insurance."

He explained to "Emirates Today" that if a malfunction appears, for example, in the car machine after the accident and was not discovered during the planning of the accident here, the insured must refer to the party that planned the accident, whether he helped in Abu Dhabi or any responsible party in the other emirates to inform them of the existence of a malfunction that resulted about the accident."

And he added, "The police here determine whether the accident is the cause of the malfunction, and then it is included again in the report, and therefore it can be repaired on the insurance, or the request of the insured is rejected, and here the repair is done at the expense of the insured, and the insurance companies do not bear any cost."

He advised, "The insured must pay close attention to all malfunctions and damages that resulted from the accident, especially those related to the car's machinery or any hidden parts, and request a good examination and include any malfunctions in the accident planning report so that they can be repaired by insurance."

He added, "If the malfunction is discovered later for any reason, it must be returned to the police authorities to include it in the accident planning report so that the insured can benefit from the insurance."

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