Wilfried Devillers, edited by Ophélie Artaud 3:04 p.m., July 03, 2022

Faced with rising prices for everyday products, the French are changing their consumption habits.

In a few days, the government will present a bill on purchasing power.

Among the measures mentioned, that of the food check of 100 euros.

In the meantime, for their food shopping, many are tightening their belts.

With inflation, the concern of the French increases in the face of the decline in their purchasing power.

In a few days, the government will present a bill on the subject.

Among the measures, that of the food check.

But in the meantime, how are the French adapting to rising prices and what do they expect from the government?

"I only buy what I really need"

In front of a Parisian supermarket, people rush to do the shopping just before lunchtime.

Bachir, retired with a small pension, is particularly affected by the price increase.

Now he has to be more careful.

"I buy yogurts, fish... The groceries I really need. I have to buy even if it's more expensive. So instead of taking a kilo, I only take 500 grams, that's enough for me," he said.

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What solution: tighten their belts, consume less or at least consume differently?

"We have returned to only essential products and not pleasure products. I think twice before buying small daily pleasures", adds Véronique.

The food voucher, an insufficient measure?

And to cope with the inflation of recent months, the government is promising a food check of €100 for the most modest households.

A good measure, but not enough for some.

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"The check for 100 euros is like a bonus, it's only once. Above all, we need a salary increase to deal with this crisis," said Ange, father of three children.

With his wife, they also dread the next school year, a period of expenses.

As for the holidays, they will leave in August, but less far and for less time than expected.